Been refused disability again

woke this morning to my mail , big brown letter with all my information from disability , answer is no asI can get around slowly , get dressed slowly and dont need help in the night , its bed enough having this fm , I would rather have my life as it was , working . I worked full time then down to part time , I just couldnt do anymore . I certainly didnt want to go down this path with disability ect , I just feel so deflated and it has knocked me down I have struggled this last week with such a bad flare so dont feel I have sstrength to fight or keep fighting at the moment , sorry if im coming across negative , its just not me iam a positive person , we shouldnt have to beput through this type of interrogation , any information will be warmly welcomed , hugs to all today xxxxx

My gosh, those "reasons" are idiotic! And discriminatory against the disabled, I feel. Absolutely trash and twaddle!

Did you file using a lawyer? If not, I suggest you get one ASAP, as they'll help you navigate this idiotic system. Doing it yourself is almost impossible, although at least one person on here managed to do so. If you do have a lawyer, I think you need to review your disability medical forms with and discuss how you could pump up your application to make it more in your favor without telling tall tales.

Or maybe next time you won't get such am idiot reviwer who obviously know jack squat about fibro. And if you go in front of someone again, make sure you tell them hw excruciating it is to do all of the above activities and how you have no energy/ability to get to work once you've used up your store getting ready,

Wow, Awful news. I hope you can hold on until your next appeal. PLEASE please DO appeal because you worked for that money when you were healthy and now deserve it, Meanwhile, they're wrongly trying to keep you from it and wear you down so you no longer go after what you deserve. I swear, if this was a video game, you'd be a ship-wrecked person trying to get to land, and they'd be the sharks trying to stop you. Please don't let the sharks get you.

Hi Angie, this happened to me. I applied got turned down, I filed an appeal was turned down again then hired an attorney and won a full disability. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest hiring an attorney that specializes in Disability Law. SSD office wants you to give up, you have to keep trying it is hard but not impossible. It took me since 2010 until now. Your lawyer will not charge unless he wins your case. Then they are only allowed to charge so much and is determined by SSD law. If you have more questions feel free to email me, I will help if I can. Also, don’t feel alone, almost everyone who apples goes through this. I know it is a lot of paperwork and waiting but worth it in the end. Just remember that you’re fighting for something you payed for out of your pay checks. It also helps if you can get your doctors on your side. I asked my GP if she would support me in this, she said yes and then the other doctors followed. Hugs, Leanne L

Ty guys for replys it means soo much , I do feel like giving in to all this at the moment , im just dealing with so much around this aswell , I will try and stay with it as we have to dont we, I will get positive again just feel so low with everything , they say everything comes at once and it sure is at the momement , hugs to you both xxxx

Keep the fight up, Angie. You'll wear them down pretty soon.

Just keep appealing. I am waiting for judicial review

Good luck to you, Lyra. You also deserve the disability and I hope you get it. It's ludicrous that people who are horribly ill have to fight so hard to get money (that they paid in for) from the government to survive. I hope you get it and soon.

Ah Angie, I’m so sorry !!! This is so upsetting, if only they could walk one day in our shoes…

Hang in there, don’t give up… Somehow, someway this whole stupid disability system has got to be changed.
I know that those who finally get approved say … Don’t give up !
Sending you a huge hug & positive thoughts to continue on …

Dont worry about sounding negative Angie we have all been there , My name is Wanda and i am new to this support group but have been suffering with fibro since 2003 the last job that i had that was long term i was late sometimes alot because of the pain causing lack of sleep and such. after that job ended i have not been able to keep any job due to the pain i have not worked in over a year and am currently fighting for my disability as well , it hurts even more when these people who dont understand fibro look at you and judge you . I have contacted a disability lawyer and started my appeal but have run into an obsticle that i dont know how i am going to solve you see i applied for the healthy indiana plan insurance and was given it but my premeium was 28 $ a month and my husband income is only 1200.00 monthly and i could not afford to pay it so they took it away from me now i am doing without any meds to help because i cannot see the dr. dont know what to do, so i feel what you are going thru because every moment of every day right now its every thing i can do too stop from just sitting down and crying.

Gd morningeveryone ,I love to be able to come on here people are so heart felt and helpful , , being here gives me the bit of strength I loose from time to time , reading messages lifts me up again, im trying so hard to be positive , just feel im all over the place at the moment , not helping my body is a led weight and im so tired , I will be positivexx pebbles I hope u are ok and im thinking of you xx tc warm hugs to everyone xx