Breakthrough meds colapsing

Okay, I think that my breakthrough meds are insufficiant and I have become tolerant. I have been taking my “normal” dosage for about a year and a half now and the last 3 weeks have been a bear when I’m just at home. Now when I’m at work I feel like I haven’t even taken them. Wth! I’m a miserable mess and on the verge of tears. I have a doc appointment for Monday set up but I finally gave in today and called and luckily rescheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to get this figured out!

yuck :( Hope they can help you

Thanks Trix, I know they will its just that horrible feeling that eventhough I know he’s ot that kind of doctor (the kind that looks at you like uh huh) but I still feel sick when I think.about talking about it.

Awww I feel for you. Going thru something similar and know how anxious I get. Big hugs and hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Oh, Punkin, that sukks! We go through so much to get to the point where we find meds that help somewhat with the pain -- and then to have that help yanked away again? Oh, awful! I hope your doctor gets you an increased dose or something else to manage the pain ASAP, sweetie. You'll be in my thoughts today. Let us know how your visit today goes.

So sorry to hear of this Punkin. Hope it can be taken care of right away.

So I went in today and he put me back on.10/325 vicoden. I haven’t been on it for a year and a half. If those dont work then we have to switch all my pain meds around. That means no more fentanyl YIKES! Well I kept my appointment for next Monday to re-evaluate this change. So we will see what happens Monday! The only doc in the world besides er docs willing to work on a holiday.

Wow, working on a holiday, unheard of, but good for you! I surely hope this works for you, I really admire how hard working and motivated you are even with your injuries!

Go Punkin! I'm pulling for you, hope it works!

Geez, scary when the pain meds quit. I hope the vicoden works. It seems like sometimes things quit working for a while and you have to let your body "rest" from them.

Ok, I'm impressed; your doctor is working on Labor Day? Hot dog! Good! Let's hope you don't need to have your meds all switched around but at least he's on it.