Building a TEAM of Fobro. FRIENDLY Doctors

I went to many Doctors and have found my team. I absolutely LOVE both my GP and my Rhumy . Do you have Fibro friendly Doctors? These 2 have changed my life. Well the diagnoses changed my life but they work to make my life better as best as they can. They know their stuff when it comes to Fibro. and that alone was a game changer for me. I strongly suggest you search the web to find your Dr. and make sure they are fibro friendly... and if not FIND one that is. Do your home work.

I've had fibro for years and have only had a GP. I would love to have a team of Drs but don't know what kind of Drs I should have. Any advice would be great!

Hi Ibsain,

Great post~ I'm glad that you've found "the ones." Boy, does it make a difference!

I've suggested a place to keep all of this information so people looking for good doctors can find them through referrals here. Maybe that's not legally possible but if it is, it would be great to be able to start such a thing. I love my doctor too and would gladly recommend her to others in my area.

I just hope that eventually everyone finds a good fibro doctor. It's imperative to have someone who BELIEVES you and believes in you as well.



I believe it is legal to have a Dr. referal list... but not legal to say BAD things about a Dr. using their name... but to have a place to look for GOOD FIBRO. friendly Drs. I believe would be great. My first impression of my Rheumy. was is was very strange...Just telling my Hubby about this Dr. all I could do was laugh at the way he was... and most people might give going back to him a second thought...I might blog about this experience... but just talking about it does not even come close to my being able to show others what he was He PET me (on the one would pet a dog) when he would press something and cause he picked me up and set me at the end of the table instead of just helping me sit he hugged me while causing me pain in the buttocks region...I had never experienced a Dr. like him EVER... He got my diagnoses NAILED just by doing all that pushing and prodding...and at the same time I guess it took the edge off of the pain by thinking to myself OMGoodness what a weird one!!!! Oh and he was all in my which really irritated me because I have an issue with people invading my space...makes me feel smothered. I would say he is very eccentric. BUT so very good at what he Now he laughs at me, I laugh at him. We laugh together and I feel comfortable in his care.

A Fibro. Friendly Rheumatologist along with your GP is what I would suggest. Others have Neurologists too... and psychiatrists and /or psychologists... I have not got their yet but fixing to make an appointment. Just make sure you research the Dr. and if they are not fibro. friendly... keep looking. My old GP would not write the word FIBROMYALGIA on my FMLA papers... instead he wrote hand pain...I didn't even have hand pain... I knew then I had to go elsewhere. He was not fibro. friendly...