? Can anyone tell me how the residual functional capacity test is?

I did look this up on google but would love any feedback please.


Dear mrs,

I was unfamilair with this so decided to share it's definition. I have not had this test done, so I really cannot help you out. I do wish you good results, and wanted to let you know that the group is here for you.

Wishing you well,


Thank you SK, but I was wondering about RFC, I know it is part of the test we take for SSD.

I have had this done once a year for at least the last ten years sounds worse than it is, you breathe into a machine as instructed by person adminstering the test depending on exactly what the doc ordered could take up to an hour, no pain involved. Really rather easy, this is a lung function test so you must be having problems breathing, I have pulmonary hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure in my lungs along with the fibro and a few other things. Good luck with the test. Hugs, kisses and prayers. if you want to contact me to talk more ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

If you are in process of applying for ssdi, this is probably what you are looking for, RFC


Also, an excellent book to have and read when applying is "Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability/Getting and Keeping Your Benefits" by David A. Morton III, M.D.

This is what I had read, Thank you and I will see about getting this book, I was just hoping to hear from those who have had the RFC to see how it was,went ect. Thanks so much :)

You're welcome. I applied without an attorney and got approved in six months. The book really helped me to know how to apply properly and understand how ssdi works.

Good luck.

Discussing social security disability, check out www.thedisabilitydigest.com and www.thefibromyalgiadigest.com . Both are helpul in giving lots of info and you can even get a free interview with an attorney, and possibly an attorney to represent you.


Thank you sr

Allergic, Did you have to take the functional test? If so can you tell me about it?

I was required to take this test. It took about 3 hours. What the functional capacity therapist does is various tests to measure your strength, with a machine of some sort, your ability to sit, stand, walk, lift, carry, use arms, push, pull, grip, finger, bend, squat, climb, reach and other physical movements. The ability to be around people, take instructions, remember instructions and concentrate. They had me pulling trolleys, lifting boxes, going up and down stairs, and taking a couple of tests for concentration. They measure everything you do. Now, I could see if my job was in construction or something of that nature, but I was a legal assistant and did no heavy lifting. I did the best I could but I was exhausted by the time it was done. The end result was that the therapist felt I wasn't trying hard enough! I would hope that this test is not what decision makers should base their decision on. Your doctor is the best professional to give you and others that information, or anyone else like a physical therapist, or other doctor who knows your capabilities, not taking a residual functional capacity test. I never had a lung function test, as someone here posted. I guess the test is a little different for each person, depending on what illness they have.

Thank you Aloha, This was what I was looking for. My Dr is going to send me out for this test because he doesnt do the test. I think the most unfair part is my fibro differs day to day as so many others and from what I read it does play a big part on you recieving ssi or not. Thanks again :)

Avenk, It sounds like all places are different. Good luck on Nov 8...Thanks :)

No, didn't have to, just had to be examined by a soc sec. doctor.

Great - the person testing you has no clue as to what fibro's about yet will help to determine if you're disabled or not. Smart one, that.

I'm tired just reading the list of things to do. How could any fibro person complete that task, let alone without being exhausted?

I guess, then, MrsPigpen, that theoretically some people might choose to have a bad fibro day on the day of the test, equal to their worst regular fibro day, so the testing person can see how bad the fibro truly is.


That really does sound like a quack testing. How could he tell anything about you from such short testing?

And best of luck to you on the day of your hearing. I hope you're approved!

You are right, Petunia Girl, 3 hours of testing your strength, with lifting boxes, going up & down stairs and pulling things was exhausting. I did the best I could and had to take a lot of breaks. I was exhausted by the end of the day and went right to bed. The therapist said in her report I didn't try hard enough! Bull, I did the best I could. It is a ridiculous test that is required by the insurance companies. Oh, by the way, the insurance company picks the place where you have to go, and if you don't go, of course, they don't grant your claim. Gee, wonder why you have to go to where they tell you to go? Shouldn't you be able to pick your own place to go?