Disability claim - apps for a medical exam

Today I received 2 letters from the disability claims department for 2 Dr. Apps. 1 for a internal medicene exam and one for an Adult mental health exam. First and foremost I have been having horrible heart palms recently when I am at rest (on couch or prior to trying to fall asleep). Now I am really freaking out. Has anyone been to these apps that can tell me what to expect? What if I am having a non-flare day when I go? Will I seem hard to believe? I even have a hard time believing myself on those infrequent good days. I am so nervous. Would sure appreciate anyone letting me know what happens at these doc apps scheduled by the SS administration. I mean - they can’t surely be on my side if they are representing the other side.

They will do an exam regarding any issues you have claimed on your application, like what diagnoses, etc. they are technically neutral parties and some of them may be but that is highly unlikely. I took a lot if kids to docs for SSI exams and every single one of them sided on the side of not disabled when it came time for a hearing. I can’t imagine it would be any different for adult patients. This is a racket that gives these docs a chance to make some easy money, in my opinion.

Wow, does everyone applying for SSDI have to go through that, how nerve recking !!! Like what a bunch of crap, do they not believe our dr’s, or do they just have to randomly get people checked out, I wonder what percentage of people applying get a NO, after seing this SSDI dr.
And the mental health evaluation, does depression help the case or does it confirm the pain, what are they looking for, if your not depressed does that mean your not in pain… Ugh … I know I have to apply soon I’m so dreading it !!!
Hope it goes well
Hugs & blessings

I basically assumed that was how it was going to go. What a shame they put us through this. I don't think I will get the benefits anyway. My doctor who diagnosed me is only my family doc. Not a specialist. I was surprised each appointment time was an hour.. why do they bother scheduling them an hour apart if it is only going to take a few minutes?

Did you ever get disability then or no?

KVH, my lawyer told me that about 50 percent of the cases they handle get approved on the first go round. After that, once you get to the third time round, the hearing, they said about 80 percent of the cases they handle get approved. It's just that it can take several years to get to that point and the government tries to wear you down with the waiting game. But it seems to be worth it to stick with it for the long haul, and what choice do we really have anyway, since we're too sick to work?

Hope this info helps.

I have an attorney. Got him right away, but I haven't heard a word from him since I met with him in July, right after I applied. So apparently he is not a very good attorney. If I should get approved, I will be disgusted that he is getting a portion of it. He hasn't done anything but send me a letter to sign for release of my medical records.

avenk - so I shouldn't expect anything more than what I am getting right now as far as help from my attorney? Like I said, I saw him the day I hired him and then called him to ask about a form they sent me that I had a question on and other than that, I haven't heard a thing from him. Can I assume his work gets more involved once I am denied and then need to appeal?

I have a feeling when you do go for the exam you will be having a flare-up just due to the stress you are under. Stress and Fibro are not friends. Good luck! I really hope it works out for you!!!

Gentle Hugs!

I’m already stressed and this just made it worse. And funny you say that because ever since I got that in the mail I can feel it coming on. It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving I have to go which now means my holiday will be ruined. My kids will be home and ill be a mess.

Eat plenty of turkey, that is supposed to relax you. That is why so many people sleep so much after their Thanksgiving meals! :-D Try to put it in the back of you mind until after the holiday that way you can enjoy it. I know, easier said than done! Try your best, I'll pray for you!

SS Dr's are quacks. The appt's are total BS!! Just a waste of time and money. Best thing to do is get an atty right away, thats what it takes to get SSDI with fibro.

I did get an attorney right away. It makes me mad that all the years I went to my doc doesn’t seem to count for anything? Why would one appointment with the SS docs change anythingr? And it does seem like a waste of money. Glad I’m not paying for it. Kind of seems like a slap in my doctors face.

KVH, you are paying for it! And I am and everybody else is. They are getting paid with our tax dollars. I think it is not only wasteful but bordering on fraud, if that’s the right word. They get paid for exams and opinions and they put NO effort in to it. (I have been to many SS doctor appointments with kids I worked with and they were all the same.)

What can I expect them to do at this appt? Do they do any x rays or blood work?

It depends on what you are claiming but I would think they would do the minimum they can get away with. Also, I don’t see them running blood work or doing X-rays, CT scans, etc. unless there is something they are looking for that you haven’t already been tested for. I think it is all very dependent on the doctor. A majority of the kids I took were applying for disability on the basis of psychological and/or psychiatric problems so they only had those types of evaluations.

My doc had said he would almost guarantee I have arthritis in my back and hips if he did an x ray. But he never has because he knows I didn’t have insurance.

KVH, they are doing their best to wear you down and keep you from appealing (if you lose) to get what is rightfully yours because you paid into the system for years and now you are ill and need assistance. If you can put it in your mind that you refuse to let them win, it may help.

I agree, their doctor appointment sounds intimidating because it sounds like it is just a BS quicky exam that's meant to blow your claim off. But you do have a lawyer on your side. And your lawyer must feel that you have a pretty good chance of winning this case if you stick with it, or else he never would have taken it on.

Also, my lawyer has already told me I won't hear from her very often but the office will call me every so often to see how I am doing with all of this. Plus I am to call if I get any notices from Social Security wanting info from me.

The reason the contact is so limited is to keep your bill down, as each time you talk to your lawyer it will take money from your back wages assigned to you from Social Security.

So it's definitely in your best interest to stick with your claim, as you'll still be short of money, regardless. And if you stick with it and win, which you most probably will (my lawyer said that 80% of the claims heard in the hearing process are approved,) then you'll finally have some money and won't have to stress quite so much over your illness.

Well today I went to my two scheduled SS doctor exams. I was very nervous. I first saw a woman for a mental status exam. She was very nice. I was asked some silly questions and some math questions (which I am awful at). I cried, which I do very easily anyway telling her I was very nervous and that I have heard the SS doctors are not very kind. Which she replied, "Oh,,,that is not true here". And she was a nice woman.

The medical exam was a total of maybe 15 mins. He asked me to walk on my heels, walk on my toes. He asked me to touch my fingers to his fingers, touch my nose. It was all pretty stupid stuff. He never pushed on any of my tender points or did I have any x-rays - blood work - urine test... nothing. He was a nice man but didn't seem to make any sense that I was there, but guess it's all part of the game. Just wanted to update you all. The anticipation of the appt surely stressed me out and I am very sore today. Just glad it is over!

KVH, I’m so glad that part is over for you, it’s so exhausting !!!

Didn’t sound to horrible, but I know the stress of not knowing what to expect had to make things worse, like we really need that right ?

Take some time for you !!
Hugs & blessings

I wante dot call the psychologist back when I left because she asked me some pretty simple questions and I knew I didn’t answer them right. I felt so dumb. But I was so nervous. I didn’t even know the date when she asked me. I mean I knew around what date it was but I don’t know if I got it right or not. And the I couldn’t remember the prior presidents name. I could see his face but I couldn’t remember. The math questions were the worst because I have never been good at math and I was trying to count on my fingers but she would just go to the next question and it flustered me. I did my best. But got home and felt so dumb. I am not a dumb person. I never really thought I had that fog everyone talks about but maybe I just don’t want to admit it. I’m sore and tired - that’s all I know right now. Ugh.