Changing meds

So I was on celexa for depression and before I can start cymbalta for the FMS, I have to wean off the antidepressant. Easier said than done. Lol. Not doing too bad, though. Feeling pretty good, actually. Luckily, we’ve had a really mild winter (unusual does northern North Dakota), as cold seems to be a trigger for me.

Have about 4 days before I’m done w/the half dose of celexa and than a week on nothing, than I can start the cymbalta. The unfortunate thing is, I’m having to do all this in the midst of a temporary move. While my hubby has training, I’ll be staying w/my mom so she can help me out. Plus, she’s in a more metro area so I’m anxious to start Tai chi and yoga as well as getting regular massages. Hopefully it’ll be an easy transition.

Incidently, has anyone been on cymbalta? What is it like? What can I expect the first few weeks? Thanks and God bless.

i start cymbalta on monday. i hope someone on it replys so we both know what to expect. im kinda nervous about starting it.

I am currently taking 120 whatevers of Cymbalta. I quite like it, and find the side effects minimal.... I am someone who is usually VERY affected by side affects and find that I will quit anything if I notice a negative intrusive side effect.

I find cymbalta to be, so far, very helpful. I was taking it at night, which i think was making me a bit hyper, so now i take the dose in the morning and i find it much more helpful, although I get very fatigued at about 3.

Let me know how you find it. I think its great so far.

I am up to the 2x/day dose of the cymbalta and doing good. Very tired, though. Fatigue seems like the main side effect. So far so good.