Choosing a Happy, Empowered Life

This excerpt really resonated with me. We all have an active choice in how we want to be and live.

"On Making Positive Choices For a Happy, Empowered Life"
By Sam Russell,

Choose to smile.
Choose to not let your boss get you down.
Choose to understand other people, even if they seem like the most awful people alive.
Choose to be confident.
Choose to not be scared.
Choose to be who you are, not who someone says you should be.
Choose to dream.
Choose to believe in the good we’re all capable of.
Choose to know that we all hold darkness within us.
Choose to ask the questions that challenge rigid assumptions.
Choose to walk away.
Choose to take a risk.
Choose to reconnect with those you thought you’d lost.
Choose to open your heart and forgive.
Choose to remember those you miss.
Choose to keep living even though it seems impossible at times.
Choose to move on from everything that makes you miserable.
Choose to be strong.
Choose to go out there and achieve your desires.
Choose to defy.
Choose to do the right thing.
Choose to do the wrong thing.
Choose to laugh.
Choose to be happy.

Yes! This is wonderful : ) Thank you for sharing.



A Joyful Day

March 31, 2009 at 10:46am

by Susie Leal 2007 rights reserved

There is something so joyful in
every day,
With gratitude overflowing
In so many ways-
While I take splendor
in the beauty
of my very breath,
That consumes me with
peace soaring
beyond all depths.
And moving me to levels
that have no bounds-
Where angels sing
and trumpets sound.

There is something so joyful in
every day,
Immensely grateful for my voice
with which
I am privileged to say-
that I believe and can think
and that I can feel,
The wonderous energy
of the Universe
so true and so real.
Where there are no limits
or boundaries,
or how high one can soar-
over hills, over valleys
in the sunlight by the shore.
And the singing of birds sweetly
somewhere in the distance,
Lavishing in the beauty
without any resistance.

Ah yes! There is something
so joyful
in every day!

Yes, resonates with me too. A great way of thinking.

This is great, thanks for posting!