Concerns about new drug that I am taking

Hi everyone,
I’ve been on savella for almost a year now and it was prescribed by my rheumatologist but my psychiatrist prescribed effexor for my depression and I’m quite concerned about taking the two together since they both are serotonin-neprophine re uptake inhibitors. My psychiatrist is unfamiliar with savella and she didn’t advice me to stop taking the savella
is anyone taking the combo of both these drugs? And if so did it cause any extreme side effects

Would really appreciate the feedback

I’ve been on Effexor many years and was so upset when I tried to get off it I went into depression quickly and started taking it f what I thought would be the rest of my life. Recently I’ve transitioned to cymbalta, which is a lot like Effexor but also is for fibromyalgia. I am off the Effexor for 1 week and doing great. I noticed no signs of depression at all in this transition, so far so good!!

Hello Donna,

Hope you will get a few more people on here who have had the same experience as you. Or you could put these to drugs in the search here, and see if there have been any discussions about it. Would it be possible to check in with your doctor, or pharmacist, just to be on the safe side?

i wish you well.

Take care, Anne

I was on Effexor for a long time, it all of the sudden it quit working. my dr. took me off of all my pain and psyc meds at one time, (bad bad) I went into withdrawls. I have not been on savella yet, I have been on everything but that. that is supposed to be my next course if the one im on now fails. I have heard good things about it. Please talk to your pharmacist!!!

Good luck,

keep me posted


Hi, Donna.
I would bring the combination to the attention of your rheumatologist to be safe.
Please keep us posted.

My Rheumy prescribed a medication that conflicted with my current meds, I did not take it until i visited my doctor. My doc adjusted my pills so I could take the Rheumy's meds.

Don't just take meds because they're prescribed. Sounds like your gut has already told you that.

Effexor withdrawl is harsh :)

xo Best of luck

have efflexor up to 300 for many years10-11 +25 amitriplyn at night was working for me ,then i did reduce to 180 and all my symptoms with fibro come back

My rheumatologist also wanted to put me on Savela but my psychiatrist wouldn’t let me since I’m on Effexor and bupropion ( Wellbutrin) due to s risk of serotonin syndrome. So I’m on Lyrica and maintaining pretty good.