No wonder I've been sick...dr gave me both savell and buspar

Thanks for all the information! I was given savella to take from my pain medicine doctor. I called to let him know how agitated the savella was making me and ask if I could lower the dose. He said no and called me in buspar to take with the savella. This was the same doctor.

Shouldn't he have know they couldn't be taken together? Then when my muscles got so tight and I was having trouble working he gave me tramadol to take with it! Another med not to be taken together! Now I realize why I have been so damn sick! He thinks I need mental therapy! I think he needs a different job!

I am down to 25 mg of savella twice a day and have been taking buspar twice a day as well. I did not take anymore tramadol after that first night after work when I literaly thought I was going to have a heart attack. I'm done.

No need to call him for advice. I couldn't trust anything he told me at this point. Before starting the savella I was taking lexapro. Tomorrow morning I'm going back on it and will not be taking the savella or buspar.

I dont how a clue how it will go but I cant take feeling so bad. I really think the interaction between the meds are what have made me feel so bad.

And I know it was real and not just my anxiety. My husband feels so bad that he did not see that I could not take buspar with the savella. He checked the savella website but did not see it!

Please let me know if anyone has stopped taking savella all at once and gone back to a reg anti-depressant that they had been on previously.

I cant tell you how blessed I feel to have you guys helping get thru this mess. I feel like all I tried to do was get some relief from the pain. I never expected to end up in such a dilemma! I know everyone says to find a good dr. I feel to afraid to trust another one at this point.

Thanks again, Tina

You know, the only reason I caught that interaction issue regarding buspar and savella was because I went to another site and read up on what others had to say about savella withdrawal, in order to help you. And believe it or not, I found another person who had a doctor who gave her an anti-depressant that had a drug interaction with the savella. At first, I thought, "naaaaaah, Tina's doctor wouldn't do something THAT dumb!" But then I went to your personal info page, copied all of the drugs you were on, decided to google all of your drugs, along with the word "interaction," and there it was. (Good reason to include drug info on your personal info page, in case something goes wrong and one of us can google your drugs for you.)

I mean, REALLY??? You're right to be so hot under the collar - he never should have given you several drugs with such MAJOR interaction possibilities. In severe enuff cases,people can die from these interactions.

I'm not sure if it's safe yet for you to take the Lexipro. I seem to recall seeing something about needing to wait to get the Savella out of your system but I'm not sure. And also, I think that others on here have warned you about going cold turkey off of the Savella. I think you DO need to talk to a trusted medical person about what to do and what to stay on and what to get off of.

It really upsets me to think that WE, laypeople, can find this stuff on line but doctors cannot? And a doctor whose specialty is pain management? Wow! I wouldn't trust him again either!

I'm glad that you sound better tonight. Just please be careful and get good medical advice on what to do next. If you have an insurance plan, they may even have a number you can call to speak with a nurse. I'd trust a good nurse over your pain doctor! I really think that with all of the severe issues that you've been experiencing that you do need a medical person to help sort them out and get you back on track!

Maybe you could ask anyone on here if they live in your area and could recommend a good doctor. What I did to find one was looked for doctors in my area, then added the word fibro and googled. Then when I found some doctors who met that criteria, I googled their names, along with the word "ratings" or "reviews." Then I could read up on what others had to say. And I found out that others had the exact same complaints about the rheumatologist whom I first saw. And I really like my new rheumy, and found him thanks to others' ratings/reviews.

Yes I agree, it is sad that we have to find this stuff out online and from other people. I talked to my husband and he said to not take the second dose of savella tonight but take 25 mg again tomorrow then 12.5 for two more days then stop. But I'm not sure about the lexapro. It's just that I have been on an serotonin reuptake inhibitor since 1988.

I need to find out how long I have to wait before going back on the lexapro. It's the anti-depressant I have been on for years with no problem. I'm so exhausted. But am so grateful that you found this for me. I would be lost right now without the help. I'm very angry right now but am trying to stay calm as I know this is the best thing for me right now.

When I get thru this mess I would really like to let him know how wrong he was! But he is so arrogant I doubt it would even matter. It scares me that he could do this to someone else with worse consequences.

Well, are we completely sure at this point that the interaction caused all of these issues? I would tend to think so but am no medical person and would hate to steer you wrong. Are you doing better today?

I know that at times I go for a week or two without taking my seratonin reuptake inhibitor without any consequences. I don't think it would harm you - but I'm not a doctor. But you do need to be sure that the other drugs are out of your system before you take it again. You sure as heck don't want to risk another possible interaction or seratonin syndrome.

I sure as heck would want to write him a letter letting him know what he did and how serious it was. But I'd also want to let some governing medical body know too. What if he had killed you by prescribing these three meds at the same time? Hopefully not, but who knows what could have happened? What he did was wrong wrong wrong!

I guess it goes to show that we, as patients, REALLY need to make sure that our drugs don't interact with each other before we take them. I usually ask my doctor before I get them and she's good with this but heck, it can't hurt to check, can it? A simple google search of all of the drugs you take, along with the word "interaction" can give you the info you need...and might just save your life.

I'm so glad that you seem better, Tina. What you were going thru sounded very powerful and very frightening. And when you're that ill, you aren't in a place to be able to figure it out for yourself.

Take care!


Thank you soo much Petunia for caring :) Yes I do feel a little better today. I have been doing my meditation exercises to help with the anxiety. It does help. I realized that being so afraid of what I was going thru would only make things worse. Also I think just having some insight into what may have been happening to me has helped. I felt so lost about what was going on I didn't know what to do.

At least now I have a plan for getting off the meds. That was more than I had a couple days ago. So I am taking a few days to relax and get plenty of rest as the meds get out of my body.

I really think just treating the symptoms with hot bath, heating pad and trying to walk each day when I can will be the way I cope in the future. This experience was worse than being in pain.

Atleast the pain wont kill me. I agree that I need to do something to let someone in the medical body know what happened to me. I still feel so angry at how I was treated. I went there to receive help and left feeling humilated as well as sick. So unfair that we have to deal with this type of treatment. I'm just praying that my bp returns to normal when this is over. I have read where some people contintue to have problems after stopping savella. I really dont believe these meds are tested well enough before they are put on the market. This is so scary and is the reason I will not try another med for fibro. I know everyone says find a good doctor but i'm so tired of dealing with them I dont think I can right now. Again I feel blessed to have you looking out for me and all the others here as well.

I will let you know how the next few days go.

Hugs to you, Tina

I sure as heck hope that your bp returns to normal! That's a pretty sobering thought. Savella is apparently a very strong drug. On one site, one woman kept strongly encouraging others to use it, and dismissed/discounted their concerns. I couldn't help but wonder if she was paid by Savella's makers to go on there and shill. I know, probably not, that's usually just done by the crackpot products. I will say that others did have some pretty intense reactions from Savella. It is NOT a drug I'd care to try after hearing about your situation, and theirs. What I don't understand is why doctors don't WARN people about potential problems/side effects/interactions?

Tina, I can only imagine the fear you must have experienced, not knowing WTF was going on with you and why??? Like having an emotional and physical earthquake.

I take it that your husband, as a pharmacist, knows the proper time frame for you getting off of your meds? If so, then good, go for it.

I totally understand your feelings about how the pain won't kill you but the fear and not knowing were awful. I just cannot imagine being in your situation and it's shameful that your doctor put you in it. And to think, he tried to explain his mistake as a mental issue on your part. Just unbelievable.

Wishing you a good night and much better rest of the week. Hope to heavens that your BP goes back to normal and the rest of your symptoms are resolved.



Tina, we really have to be our own advocates. Like you, I am fearful for the poor person who just trust what the dr. Says and listens. What med did you say can not be taken with Tramadol ? The bus par ? Or the savella, I take savella & tramadol, actually I stopped taking the tramadol because it did not really help. I’m so glad you are almost done with the savella, it’s so odd how we all react differently to meds, my pain dr gave my Percocet to try and I only took 1/2 tab and I felt like someone dumped 20 pots of coffee down my throat, and 1/2 Lortab gives me energy, we’re most people feel sleepy. Maybe I’m crazy, but a lot of meds have opposite reactions on me, Benedryl makes me anxious to… Go figure ??? Anyway I’m so glad you are smarter than your dr. Perhaps it’s time to find a new pain dr. Yours should be selling tires in a junk yard, lol
Blessing & hugs


It's the tramadol that shouldn't be taken with savella. I was taking savella, buspar and he added tramadol! Neither of which can be taken with savella! I agree with you Dee, he should be selling tires in a junk yard. Wow, to think we look to them to help us. I really shouldn't be surprised because I think all he really enjoys doing is giving the epidural injections of steriods..

When I went in the other day with and was telling him how bad the headaches have been in the back of my head and behind my eyes, he asked if we had tried some kind of injection he gives for that type of headache. I didn't even respond. By then he had humilated me enough I couldn't wait to leave. I also knew I would never go back or ask for his help again.

I too find that I am sensitive to medication and they will have the reverse effect. I cant wait until I am off all these meds that I have tried. For me I will never know if it was just the savella or the combination of savella and buspar.

I was only on savella a short time before I became very agitated. I felt like I was gonna jump out of my skin. It definitely wasnt a normal feeling at all! Thats when I called his office and he added the buspar so I have been on it for a while. I started the savella on the 6th of July and started the buspar shortly after that.

I just keep thinking I needed to adjust to the medication but finally had to admit I felt worse! Like I said I'm down to 25 mg only today and my bp is still 145/100! I dont know if this is because I was still on the buspar also...not sure. Tomorrow will be the first day I dont take the buspar. He had me taking it twice a day. I didn't take it tongiht but that was the first missed dose.

Tomorrow I will take just the 25 mg of savella and them 12.5 for one or two days then Stop! I hope it goes well and my bp starts to come down. I have never had high bp so I do thinks it the meds.

How is your bp? Have you had any problems? I would not take the tramadol with the savella. So be careful. As I have said I have learned a valuable lesson concerning meds. After this I will be much more careful with what approach I take to help the pain.

Hugs to you, Tina

I'm getting the mental image of Doctor Frankenstein now, with that big ole needle of his that he keeps wanting to jab you with to "fix" you. How creepy is that! "Let me make you seriously ill and then charge you to give you a gross shot to "fix" you."

Well, it does sound like your blood pressure is coming down some. So maybe once you get off the Savella once and for all, it'll return to normal. What dreadful "medicine!"

Holy cow, you were on two interacting meds for quite some time! No wonder you felt so incredibly ill! More than two months on meds that can cause a fatal interaction.

I'm thinking that you might feel strange or ill when getting off of those meds. Just be very, very careful and if you start experiencing odd reactions again, get help. Go to the hospital if you need to. Don't take chances, esp. as your bp already is high.

Good luck tonight and over the next several days. I'll definitely be thinking of you!

Dear Tina,

Ask yourself if you really trust the Doctor you have and if you feel that he is acting in your very best interest at all times. Perhaps your husband could help you find another Doctor if you feel you are ready to change.

I wish you the very best!




Please let us know how you're doing today. I'm still worried about you and the lingering side effects of your drugs. Please let us know that you are okay.



Hi Petunia,

I have had a very good day. A slight headache this afternoon but very minor. I think I have felt better today than I have in a long time. Maybe its because I am feeling relieved about going off the meds. I'm not sure but I'm good so far.

I actually went and got fall flowers for my front steps and of course a pumpkin. Lol. I'm looking forward to two off my meds. I starting to think maybe it will be easier for me going off the meds than being on them. Anyway one thing I have noticed is that I'm not itching anymore. I haven't taken my bp yet today but will do so when my husband gets home.

I'm feeling so blessed to have friends that are concerned and that have been so helpful these past few weeks.

Thank you so much.

Hope you are doing well. Hugs, Tina

Glad you are feeling better! We are glad to have you with us!

Thank you SK.....its nice to have good friends that really understand what we go thru trying to feel good.

Hope you too are having a good day.

Hugs, Tina

Whew! So glad to hear this! You scared me half to death, esp. after I found the drug interaction warning. And I didn't want to scare you but man, was I worried!

Please keep checking in over the next few days so we know you're doing ok while coming off of these meds.

But it's really encouraging to hear that you're doing so much better. :-)

Thanks Petunia....I will be sure to keep everyone posted on how its going. I checked my bp and its 145/91 so I will be checking it daily and hoping for improvement!

Big Hugs to you, Tina

Tina, still checking on you to make sure you're alright. Please give us a quick note.

Hi Petunia, yes i'm doing ok. Today has been ok. I seem to get a headache behind my eyes in the afternoon and evening and I feel a little nauseous tonight. I work tomorrow so I hope i'm feeling better than tonight. I dont work again until monday. So if I can just make it thru one day i'll have three days off. I'm sure hoping by monday I'll be thru the worst of it.

I cant find how long I need to be off the savella before I can go back on my lexapro. I do think the anti-depressant I was on before savella worked well for me. My husband would like me to wait before going back on it. I think this whole episode really scared him too.

I will say the pain and stiffness are returning but I'd rather deal with that than what I was dealing with! Hopefully I will find other safer ways to deal with it.

Why must it be so difficult to get pain meds when we need them for chronic pain! Do they really think what I went thru was safer! It's so darn frustrating to know what works and not be able to be on it. Frankly it pisses me off!

Oh well I cant see that getting any better anytime soon. And the worst part is the addicts will still get theirs.

Thanks again for checking on me. Hugs, Tina

Extremely good question as to why people in legitimate pain must be refused pain meds that are MADE FOR THEM while addicts will continue to find sources elsewhere. This is a DUH moment, as in DUH, how could the person who made this policy not know this?

Too bad Oprah's not still on TV or else we could bring the issue to her attention. It's a very legit issue and will affect thousands of lives. Maybe millions.

I'm glad you're better than you were but continue to monitor yourself and have hubby do so too. BTW, I just met a male fibroite today and he also had a bad experience with Savella, although he didn't elaborate. But I thought I'd share that with you.

Petunia I wonder when pain meds will be able to be used? Only if we are terminal, such as cancer. Do we not deserve to have a better life? It's so sad but the goverment has cracked down so hard on the doctors that their not willing to risk losing their license to practice medicine. So they are forced to NOT practice medicine! Does that make any sense to you?

I took pain meds for 18 mos before and after surgery with no side effects and none coming off! So whats the problem. I dont get it at all. Its really scary and sad that many will be forced to try dangerous meds to try and control pain, when there are safer meds that work so much better. Plus they are in total control of how much meds we get! Where there are NO limits for those that abuse them.

Oh man I'm starting to feel the pain and starting to rant tonight. The only thing savella did well was control the pain. I know that's huge but........who would what to take a chance on dying to be out of pain. Somedays I feel like i'm living a nightmare and have to reming myself that there are many others alot worse off.

Hugs, Tina