Savella question

Just started taking savella today and was wondering if anyone else was taking. If so have you had any negative side effects? Took this, then are a hour later and was all I could do to hold down dinner.

I am taking Savella, no nausa here. Try pre-medicating with tums or Zantac.

I’m on my second week, 3rd day of the 50mg. I had a horrible time with nausea the first couple pills of the increases, then I think your body adjusts to it. I found that taking a pill 1/2 way through my meal helped. I have had a couple episodes of having a flushed faced that I thought my blood pressure was through the roof, but other than that constipation has been my worse nightmare. I will say that I felt better physically on day 2. Not saying it takes away all the pain, but makes life more manageable. Hope you have a good experience with it as well.

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I’ve been on Savella for about 6 months. I used 2 of the tritate packs instead of just 1 and increased very slowly. I don’t take 50 mg at once. I do 25 mg 3 times a day. That is all I could ever tolerate but it is still enough to help with fatigue and fibro brain. The side effects do go away and try splitting up your doses. It is a very good medicine once you get it in your system and get adjusted.

Took my son off due to nausea, vomiting and anxiety. There was another post about savella a few weeks ago. You might want to look for it as it had a good number of comments on the drug. Might be of some help. Good luck.

Thanks I will try premedicating with some nausea medication my doc gave me.

They started me on 50 mg twice a day. Today is day 2 so hoping it works. Took it right before I ate today before getting on here, if this doesn't work will try 1/2 during meal. I'm hoping this works as well I'm tired of trying new needs. Try miralax for the constipation it works wonders without side effects like most meds have. Good luck.

Thanks for the advice but my doc only gave me the 50mg which I have to pay $44 a month. He also wants me to try lyrica with it also but we have to wait for insurance to approve.

I will check it out thanks. Sorry to hear about your sons reaction.

Tried savella,lyrica and Lordy the other known fibro med. the nausea was horrible dropped weight which I can’t afford so stopped taking them all. I take pain meds and heat and prayer helps. Good luck cat

I suggest using the titration pack! It is a very strong medication! When I started Savella I cried alot the first week, and my anger was slightly enhancet as well. I did adjust to it, and it helps me alot. We have to understand the difference between side effects and adverse reactions. Side effects are small hings that are tolerable, adverse effects can be dangerous. I suffer from heartburn the mostfrom my Savella. Of course nausea is a side effect, but I do not have it every day so I am not sure if that is a symptom of my Fibro or a side effect. Adverse reactions would be nausea all the time, vomitting, anxiety, increased heart rate, night mares, severe headaches, and so on…things that just add to our symptoms of Fibro. Be prepared for your hormones to be on a roller coaster till your body adjusts! And I wish you the best of luck with Savella! I have been on it for nearly 3 months now, minimal side effects, and over all helpful to my Fibro! Not everyone is as lucky as me with the Savella!

I started taking last Tuesday with no nausea. Sorry CDFRANCE26, but I’m taking one Savella and one cymbalta a day now.

I am with you !! Have tried all the meds. they have out there ......all negative side affects . They are anti depressants I do not feel we are depressed initially least I was not . Just started feeling tired and had pain .I was not unhappy ......what brought on unhappiness was that I could not do what I use to be able to do . I have mentioned before on that I attend a Chronic pain group once a week that a psychologists spare heads , he himself is in chronic pain do to back issues, He gave us a " Choosing A Pain Management Lifestyle" chart to put up so you can look at it and choose to DEFEND which means denial , rationalizations, negative thoughts, regression or To ACKNOWLEDGE meaning - Acceptance , Mourn /grieve how it once was, Emphasize resilience , Perceive pain as a "challenge" vs.a major loss , threat ,catastrophe. He describes on the chart our cognitive emotional behavior cycle It reads as follows: CHRONIC PAIN - STRESS - HELPLESSNESS - ANGER - DEPRESSION - FATIGUE - EXACERBATION . Then it reads FREE CHOICE - DENIAL OR ACCEPTANCE . Along with what medications help you and do nt cause side affects he suggests creating positive self coping statements, relaxation techniques, Humor , assertiveness training , spirituality, Music, Pet therapy , Increasing knowledge , Instilling hope and diversions . I don't know may not be for everybody but has helped me tremendously. Currently working on Assertiveness and not avoiding what is unpleasant . Its not easy at all , but I choose that over all the negative talk !! Let Go let God . Hope this helps even just one of you trying to navigate your way through life with this disease they really do not have a defined answer for. Hugs and hope to all !!

I just finished with the Savella titration pack and I didn’t have any issues with nausea. I had a few episodes of flushing/thinking I’m having hot flashes…but other than that no real problems. It seems to be helping with the pain because the amount of pain meds and muscle relaxers I take a day has decreased. At the end my dose of Savella is 50mg twice a day so we’ll just have to see if it continues to work (fingers-crossed). I hope Savella works for you after you finish the titration pack…it may take a few different meds to find what helps you. I’ve tried Cymbalta and Lyrica with no real results, Savella was the one. Along with Morphine ER, Gabapentin, Oxycodone, and Flexeril, I have a good combo. My antidepressant too the Drs say help with pain, it’s called Effexor ER. Good luck.

So far no help with the pain but still have hope and prayers. Also am on Morphine ER30mg, Percocet, 2 different muscle relaxers, Ultram, 2 different sleep meds,& eventually lyrica. Am so glad that it has worked for you. I'm finally over the nauseous feeling. Best of luck to you.

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Thanks for the reply am finally over the nausea!!

I have finally gotten over the nausea and waiting for the pain to end. I'm sure being sick isn't helping with the pain though. So horrible to cough and have to last down cause of the pain from it. The hormones are killing my Just wish got flashes would stop. Thanks for the reply.

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I rely very highly on God, my wonderful family, and my extremely helpful & supportive church family. The nausea has gone away but not the pain. Am still hopeful that it will help. I hope you can become the assertive person you want and need to be, that is one area that I don't have a problem with..except maybe being to assertive but being a military wife we have to be assertive or you get ignored. I have finally been able to overcome the negative talk but it took some time. My husband was my best help. He told me to treat myself with the same love and kindness as I do for everyone around me and it finally happened. If you ever need or want to chat just seems me a message.

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CDF , this was a great discussion & you have got some good responses. I have been on Savella for a few years now , I only take 25 mg 3 x day, I still have nausea if I take the full 50 mg at once, maybe not as bad though. It helps me with fatigue and helped get my brain off that cycle of how can I live like this , but as for the pain… Hmmm hard to say it has done anything for that, however I don’t think I could function with out it.
But my fatigue has always been worse than the pain, although recently my pain is worse, it seems from the responses that its common to be on something for the pain as well as the Savella & I think our body gets used to the pain meds and we need to switch it up sometimes.
So I think it’s finding the right combination, that we can be at a level where getting through a day with as few side effects as possible and still have the pain & fatigue manageable.
There has been other discussions on Savella, but I did learn some thing from your discussion , so thank you for posting this :slight_smile:
Many hugs & blessings
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While on the subject of pain meds and switching it up which I agree. I was wondering if anyone has found a good doctor in la California which is still. A 2 hour ride for me that they would recommend? I have exhausted the local yellow pages locally. I’m willing to travel and talk with a doctor or NP that someone here has found . Thank you in advance cat