Anyone have experience with Savella? Good or bad, I would love to hear your input!! I just started it on Sunday night, and I worked Monday, at work I cried, felt like walking out, threw a cup of juice across our break room, and went in the bathroom a few times ti scream into my jacket! I love my job, none of this is typical of my behavior and/or attitude especially at work!! Then when I came home I screamed and yelled all night at my husband and kids! So I took myself off work (FMLA) till next Monday to try to adjust to this Savella. So far my mood seings are terrible, I am anxious all the time…everything frustrates me right now!, I am hungry all the time, I sleep for about 30-45min at a time, and I am awake 3-4 hours then sleep again for 30-45min. I am constipated the worst I have ever been, my body is always hot, but I always have the chills, and I have a severly decreased tolerhance to noise!! I am on the 25mg twice daily and the dose will eventually increase and stay at 50mg twice daily. Will these symptoms go away, or just get worse? At what point do I contact my doctor? With my Cymbalta the side effects came on over time, and I was just weined off that ti start the Savella. This time the symptoms hit me right away!

I am taking 1-50mg tab at night for the past 2 yrs (& if I start huting I will take up to 3 tabs in a 24Hr period) & the only side effect I have encountered is the constipation & THAT only recently ( the past 4 wks).

The only time I am crabby is when I hurt & I usually appologise to my son for snapping at him. I am on 2 antidepressants, so that may be why I am not having the mood swings. I am also experiencing menopause (yipee skippy) so I have been blaming the HOT/COLD crap on that.

Hope this helps! M

I am on Savella and have been for about 5 months. Now it is great but it does take time to adjust. It did make me very grouchy in the beginning also. ( my poor husband:( )
I increased very very gradually and I only take 25 mg 3 times a day. The 50mg dose was just too much. My doctor gave me 2 of the starter packs instead of 1 and had me double the days on the increase. Does that make sense? Like if its 10 mg for 3 days I did it for 6 days.
I can say I noticed a difference within days with the fatigue and some pain. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so its a different kind of pain now.I rarely have the fog now. Only on my worse days and its not nearly as severe when I do.
As for the irritability… I’m still married so it must be better. Lol Try increasing slowly and always eat something. Don’t take it too late because it can interrupt your sleep. I did Cymbalta years ago and thought I was dying and I can say I thought I was dying before Savella.
I hope it works for you and you find some relief

My mom started menopause early, as did all of her sisters. My mom has been gone for almost 8 years now so I do not have her to discuss things with. It is funny that you mention that because my symptoms seem to be the same as those that go along with nenopause.

I appreciate your input!! It gives me hope that this will get better!! I hope the Savella works for me because this is the last med my doctor is going to try, next step is neurologist!

Thanks Pam!! I will go check that article out!!

Hi Jennifer,

Our most efficient search engine is broken, but this search engine is still working, though other topics are included, there are so many that have been posted about Savella, that I thought I'd give you this link.

I was given it in the beginning, years ago, it helped my pain a little, it really helped my mood, after a few months however, I began to shake. My Doctor discontinued it, but I still shake on occasion, so now I have to wonder if it actually was the med. I know it has helped so many people! I hope you are one of them!

Wishing you well,


I am on Savella. I started it 3 weeks ago and I must say this is the most I have been able to move in forever. I feel amazing so far no set backs (knock on wood). I am praying it keeps being so amazing.

Thank you!

Today has been one of my worst days in a long time. I hurt so bad all over! And it is my son’s big football game tonight! He is a senior and this is our rival school…it is a huge game! Nothing would keep me from going, I just wish I could enjoy it!

Make sure to take/wear enough to keep you warm! Hope you can not only get through it, but enjoy it!

So glad to hear it, Jo! Nothing like success!

I had to check webmd for you. It does say that if you notice any psychiatric changes to call your doctor immediately. I've just pasted the paragraph below. I think your experience so far may qualify as impulsive actions. Like throwing the juice across the room.

I'm pretty cautious with these meds. Sometimes we have to try a few before we find the right one. Don't be discouraged. If this isn't the right one I'm sure you will find yours.

QUOTE from webmd:

Tell the doctor immediately if you notice worsening depression/other psychiatric conditions, unusual behavior changes (including possible suicidal thoughts/attempts), or other mental/mood changes (including new/worseninganxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, irritability, hostile/angry feelings, impulsive actions, severe restlessness, very rapid speech). Be especially watchful for these symptoms when a new antidepressant is started or when the dose is changed.

i did not have any luck with savella....i am sensitive to med right now i take tramadol and still have pain but cant handle anything so tired i hope you are happy with meds and it helps you


good luck feel better

Hi Jennifer,

I'm sorry about all these symptoms you're having, it sounds awful! I am on Savella 100mg twice daily for about 3 years, my doctor said that sometimes with fibromyalgia, a higher dose of Savella is needed so I'm on the highest dose that is safe. Fortunately for me, I have not experienced any negatives to Savella, it felt like it just ended a lot of my whole body aches and I love it. I feel so horrible if I don't take it.

Of course, like any med, Savella is not for everyone. If I were you though, I would wait at least a week at your full dose (after the initial weaning) and then reevaluate how you feel.

I hope things do work out for you!