Connection between childhood trauma and Fibromyalgia

Hello Fellow Fibro-fighters !

I'm curious to know how many of us have had traumatic, overly stressful childhoods. I see there is mounting research as to how chronic and severe stress changes our chemical make-up; even to the point of changing our DNA! ( article link in the recent discussions)

I know it's true for me: (severely stressful childhood.. and on to my young adult life until I got out of the house completely) Still...affecting my adult life until the past 10 years or so.

I was healthy until I got into my latter teens when I got sick a lot... but nothing like when it really hit right after I got married. Maybe in some respects I could finally "let loose" and everything I had been holding in.. released when I felt "safe"? just a theory... because I was finally very happy at that time.

It just make so much sense because we know that positive experiences bring about healthy chemical, hormonal releases in our bodies ( serotonin, oxytocin to name two) and the reverse is true too. So, sustained negative stress MUST have a lasting effect.

I think genetic testing and treatment will be the answer to this and other diseases. It seems that because this is not as serious as cancer, heart disease etc... the research and push to find a cure isn't very progressive or well funded. There's no one that's famous that ever comes forward to talk about it either.

Prob. because it's better to hide it for job/income purposes and because it CAN be hidden easier than other conditions.

Would love to hear from everyone if this is true for them or how they think their condition came about.

Prayers and Blessings to everyone out there! and Thanks to everyone for their support for me!

Shelly ( YinYan1124)