Correct diagnosis

Good morning all, I sincerely hope you all are having a better week than I am. If you all remember a while back, I was told that I had early Parkinson's not MS well now we are back to thinking that it is MS. I'm so tired of not knowing, and with the issues of Fibro as well, Im just freaking out. How can these Drs that specialize at a world renowned hosp not be able to give me a correct diagnosis? Do I really ask to much? I was sitting in my living room on Monday and couldn't move my legs, the spasms are so hard that it is horrible. I pray that I get an answer sometime soon! Sorry to vent, it is just so hard to believe that after a year, they still won't give a confirmation on which it is!

Dear Jackie,

I feel your frustration, believe me, I went through this, going from one diagnosis to the other, from one specialist to another for seven years before I finally had a diagnosis! Fibro is so much like so many autoimmune diseases, and so many autoimmune diseases are so much alike.

They finally suspected MS with my best friend, she did the same thing, trying to get a solid diagnosis that they finally sent her to an eye specialist who was able to confirm it, so they could finally start treating her with the correct diagnosis. I have that name and number of that specialist in Baltimore, Maryland, if it is still the same if you would like to have it.

This will explain this to you

I certainly wish that they will use every possible means to make their decision.

Sending some love your way,


Hello Jackie

I think venting is very good for us it helps get rid of stress. I hope they can give you an answer soon or at least get you on a treatment plan that will help you and give you some relief.