Am I the only one who has a good day and it goes around and around in my head that maybe it is all in my head? Half the doctors I know don't think that fibro exists and the other half keep giving me new prescriptions to help. Newest prescription is Zanaslex I assume for muscle twitches (I nearly cut off the tip of my finger because my hands were shaking). I found B12 shots at the dollar store and I have energy. I just feel like I'm going crazy and can't understand how I can hurt so bad one day and be okay the next.

Of course I am crazy ;-) don't let it rub off on you.

Well, if you're crazy, then join the club! I feel just like you do when I have good and bad days. I try and figure out which is the "true" me and reflects my general health the best. And yes, it IS crazy making! I guess there are two "me's" - the sick one, who has the bad days and no energy, and the healthier one, who has good days and more energy. And I guess you have to just go from there. The healthier you can do more and feel better BUT then the sicker you will feel it in the next few days. So you just enjoy the good ones and endure the others.

I don't think it is in your head, and I think to some degree we are all at least half crazy from dealing with this and trying to make logical sense of it! It usually doesn't make sense, though a few of us are trying in spite of the elusive nature of it!

My Rheumy told me that it is caused by chronic pain, brought on by illness, injury, trauma, this pain changes the brain, floods it with pain signals, until we hurt everywhere, even if it came from a hand injury. This chronic pain causes the 'fog' meaning confusion, memory loss and things of this nature. We have to treat the ROOT, the CAUSE of the fibro. Mine is autoimune, once I started Enbrel, it helped the arthritis, and that helped the fibro. It is just finding the doctor who can run down the cause and treat it.

I can't remember for sure, so you have a back injury, Katie?

You are so right, Petunia Girl, you really do have to enjoy the good ones and endure the others as so many factors are at play within us. I think it is a very complicated illness, and many factors are at play.

I think we figured out what all happend. My doc said that being double jointed caused a herniated disk that pressed on a nerve. (No idea about fibro, but I’ve had random pains for a long time) she also said that it will happen again and I’ll have authritis all over. So I heard that this could put me back in a wheelchair some day and it’ll be up to luck if its in a place where they can fix it. Never thought being double jointed could cause so much trouble.

I've seen a few conversations with double jointed people and yes, being double jointed does cause them a lot of medical issues. And no, you wouldn't believe that being double jointed could be so much trouble. I'm sorry you've had so many problems with it. It sounds awful going through the disc problems. i sure hope that you don't end up in a wheelchair again. I guess you'll just have to be very, very careful and pray that you stay well.

Double jointed? Katie do you have EDS?