Feeling Horrible.

It seems as if the days are getting worse. My hand got better in the sense that I am no longer screaming in pain. . .but still there is pain. Yet ever since then I feel horrible. Pain in my body as if I had been running a marathon, I don't know where it's coming from. Usually I know that an activity will cause pain afterwards for a few days but I've done nothing for this to make sense.

I've been getting crazy migraines, I can only chock it up to the meds the doc gave me at the hospital. I always have this kind of reaction to meds which is why i hate taking them. Tonight I had no choice but to take Ibuprofen 800mg, it's the one med that when I am at my natural dealings wits end, I take. I am hoping for some kind of relief but let me tell you I feel outside of myself. Uncomfortable, unhappy. . . .UnMeLike

I don't know what to do. I like to sleep, sleep all day this week has been my savior.

Just ranting. . . .

Oh, Mo, feel free to rant away. We know, we know. I'm not a doctor but all of these ailments are symptoms of fibromyalgia. The pain, the fatigue, the headaches, and the sleep, sleep, sleep. It's completely maddening. Like you say, we're exhausted even without the accompanying amount of work.

Researchers did a study and found that people with fibro and chronic fatigue have changes to their genes immediately following moderate exercise. The changes made people have flares, like you're describing, after the exercise and for several days after. So, in other words, you're having changes on a GENETIC level that are causing the fatigue. Scary, huh?

You need the rest, Mo. It seems like we get even more exhausted when we don't get it. And you may have to reschedule your life, in order to be less fatigued. Work is the biggie for most of us.

I'm going to have to make this short cause I have to go to my part-time job. But I strongly suggest you keep coming here to see how others cope. We find out lots of information here.

And meantime, rest, rest, rest. It's aggravating but your body really needs it.

Hugs to you,


Petunia definitely hit the nail on the head there. Everything she says is spot on.

Pain, no sleep, more pain, collapse for a day or more. Same as always. Maybe try your doc again, as you might need your medcations looking at.

Sleep is very good to help the pain, so get as much as you need. It is what it is.

And a good moan too, then some laughter... All helps the fibro