Crushing Fatigue

Hope everyone is doing well. Does anyone out there have a good way of treating this crushing fatigue that comes along with fibro? I've never experienced anything like it! It's like a blanket of fatigue that comes over me and I have to stop whatever I'm doing and go to sleep. I also seem to so much more tired than I used to be. Falling asleep by 8:30-9:00pm and sleeping til 6:30-7:00am. Still, I have to take a nap during the day! And how about this "fibro fog"? I feel so stupid these days. So absent minded! If anybody's got a good way of combating these symptoms, please pass it along. Thanks so much!

"Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug"


Haha! I feel like the bug every day. I have not found any way to fight the fatigue or the fog. Yesterday, I asked my husband to go get me a milkshake cuz I can’t drive. He was gone 15 minutes and I could not keep my eyes open and fell fast asleep. I find that it is about mid morning to early afternoon every day that I have to take a nap. Then I have energy to get through the evening but I still sleep about ten hours a night. Usually my sleep is very broken and often I wake up early in the morning ad can’t go back to sleep. This is usually when my pain level is high. I thought about trying caffeine but I don’t want all the problems that come with drinking caffeine. I have read about a medicine that is prescribed for people withMS to fight the fatigue but I can’t remember the name of it and I don’t know if they would prescribe it for fibro. Fatigue sucks. I feel like I am a non-person sometimes cuz I don’t do anything.

When I cut out all sugars and high carbs, it decreased my pain levels dramatically. Food allergies can cause more fatigue also. Gluten and processed foods are contributors fatigue in alot of fms sufferers. An anti-inflamatory diet helped me the most with my pain.

Hi Rosie! Welcome to the forum! It's a great place to come for advice and wisdom.

Unfortunately, in this case, I don't have too much advice to offer, since the exact same thing happens to me. You could always check the side effects of the drugs you're taking to see if any of them might be enhancing the symptoms of fatigue. But truthfully? Fatigue is a HUGE issue with fibro. I only work 3 hours a day yet I MUST come home and take a nap, nearly every afternoon or else I can't function. Not even that. The fibro just knocks me out and I don't have any choice bu to nap. And yes, the fibro fog hits me too. A few days ago I stopped at a bakery on my way home from work, ready to get a nice sweet. Looked all over for my wallet in my trunk, as I KNEW I'd put it there in the morning. I REMEMBERED putting it there. I dug through the trunk 3 times (I have bags in there for my job.) No wallet. I then tore thru the car looking. No wallet. It was at home, on my kitchen chair. So much for my" memory" of putting it into the trunk! I'd done it some earlier day and forgotten it wasn't that day!

Best thing is to get the sleep you need. From the studies I've read, we're so exhausted because the mitochondria in our cells, the place that stores energy, isn't functioning properly. So on a cellurlar level, all the way down to our cells, we aren't getting the proper energy that we need. No wonder we're exhausted!

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Dear Rosie,

It's all part of it! We all know about it! My Doctor explained the fog as chronic pain and lack of sleep. I think most of us are the bug! Hope you find some relief!



Have you tried Tai Chi? I tried it once years ago, before I was diagnosed with the fibromyalgia, and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked to boost my energy. I borrowed a DVD from the library, so it didn't cost anything. A study showed that Tai Chi helped people with fibromyalgia have less pain and more energy, sleep better, and overall improved their well-being.</P>

OK, I've convinced MYSELF to give it another try. Just requested a couple of DVDs from my library. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hi rosie

Love Silent xoxo

How are you rosie? Getting any relief? Hope so!

I wonder if the lead suit feeling is due to the fatty deposits around your spine? I really feel badly for you, the lead suit business and inability to stand for more than 5 minutes must be incredibly wearing.

What about tai chi tapes from the library? That's what my rheumy recommended. I keep meaning to pick up some myself and keep forgetting.

I know. Unfortunately we all have to pretty much answer "no" on this one, right? The fatigue is such a killer!

I guess I'm doing pretty good. Although I really hate the fact that I keep gaining weight even though I barely eat! I also have polycystic ovary syndrom and weight gain comes with the territory. Now with all the pills I take, it seems like the weight is just piling on faster! I'm more than just a little down about this...I really really really hate this!

Hey, Rosie, I'm sorry about your PSOS and the accompanying weight gain. It's such a pain in the patootie when you have an illness that helps to bring about weight gain. And the pills. I'm putting on weight with my anti-depressants. It's annoying as heck. My doc suggested drinking a glass of water before each meal to help fill yourself up. I'm going to use sparkling water as it tastes better. I'll let you know if if helps at all.

It's an easy way to cut eating, if it works.

You certainly do have a right to feel upset about the weight issue because you're in a situation where you are particularly vulnerable to it. I wish I knew of a perfect solution. The only other thing I could suggest is gentle exercise, like walking, if you can manage it. Or maybe water aerobics.

Good luck to you, Rosie! I know it's a toughie.

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Oh all the people's posts that I have read, it seems that between the meds we take orally, the steroid injections for pain management, and just not feeling like doing anything cardio, we are all heavier than we should be or would like to be. Lets not forget the high cortisol levels we seem to have from pain, another thing to pack weight on us!

I have been loosing weight since they started me on clinical trials with Immunosuppressants for Psoriatic Arthritis. Not sure why, but even with that, I have trouble with fluid retention from Lyrica, so I have to cut back and sometimes go off it for a day or two. The Doctor does know about it.

Hope you can find some relief, we are all here for you!



Hiya Rosie,

I have yet to fight the fatigue. When I get that blanket of fatigue I usually relax all day (If I can). If I am at work, I drink coffee to keep me awake (not good but my only option). Sorry but the moment I find a way to combat it, I will pass it along.

As for fibro fog, I keep note pads with me all the time. I make use of the calender alarms in my cell phone. I send myself emails and text msgs of to-do lists and things I need to remember. This has all helped me to combat the fog. If I forget anything I have it written down with me or in my phone somewhere. . .it's very helpful.

I just recently started taking Provigil. It has really helped me stay awake (most days). And it's non-habit forming, unlike a lot of other drugs that are used to "pep" you up.

It doesn't help much with the fibro fog...that's been hitting me hard lately too. And it's so hard explaining to my doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, etc that it's not because of the depression. It's like all the doctors only want to treat one tiny part of the fibro, instead of looking at the whole picture.

But try the's not a miracle drug or anything, but I don't worry so much about falling asleep at my desk, or the wheel for the matter.

I find that I just have to push myself. If I am laying in bed or on the couch I have absolutely no energy and fatigued to the hilt. However, if I force myself to get up, take a shower and go do something it tends to subside for lack of better terms. But it takes A LOT to get me moving. If I am committed to something like volunteering or going to work yes, I will be there come heck or high water. One of my pet peeves is not working when I’ve said I would. I was irritated as heck when I couldn’t work on Friday because I said I would be there and eventhough I knew it was medically necessary for me to stay home because of dropping the keg on my foot to stay home but I still beat myself up about it.

Anyways sorry for my rant. he.only thing that worries me is if you are so fatigued that if you had to drive you could fall asleep while driving.

Good Luck