Disability good idea or not


my name is Katelyn and I have been dealing with pain and illnesses most of my life. I have fibromyalgia and a negative RA, some days I feel okay;however when I have the bad days it seems difficult to work let alone get through the day. My question is, is anyone else on disability for this illness or am I wimp for not trying harder to work around my pain and the fatigue. Does anyone think pursuing disability is a good idea or not. Need advice

I am wanting to get on long term disability. My dr. doesn't like that idea. she feels it makes pt.s feel displaced and that it worsens the depression. What she doesn't understand is that I can't keep going on like this. I'm so exhausted and In pain. I usually end up in tears and sad. I wonder if I see an attorney if they might have a Dr. that they use to help suggest long term disability Any idea?

I am working with an attorney, the thing is I still am working part-time in the mean time waiting for the results, I am not sure if my doctors will agree with it or not, but they are not the ones suffering. Good luck

Thank you, I am working with an attorney hopefully it works out I do not feel as bad now for pursuing it.

thank u for your words of encouragement I appreciate them