Does Age play a part?

I have had fibro since I was 7 years old... It has gotten worse over the last year. My bounce back time is longer... Lately my pain is off the hook more times than not... Just wondering if anyone has noticed a difference in your pain level or tolerance since you have gotten older??

I can tell a big difference since I turned 40. I used to take a couple of days of work, rest and be good to go for a couple of months. Now I am 46 and been of work for 3 months and will not be going back. It takes me longer to recover from illness and do things in general. I have started eating better and exercising again. I wished I would have done things differently when I was younger.

I wish I didn't but I'm afraid to say I feel worse than I did 2 years ago, my pain and stiffness has increased, it used to present just when I'd walked too far or did a lot of housework in one go.

Now I ache just sitting and resting!

I gave up work 2 years ago, and like you, will not be going back. I'm 47, so at least I've worked for 30 years but I really sympathise with the youngsters in this group, being hit with fibro so young, I feel for them all.

Lucy xx

I'm not sure it's aging as much as time passing that makes fibro worse. In other words, I think that it's a progressive illness, starting off slowly, then picking up steam, then slamming us HARD. It may take several years to get to the slamming HARD portion of fibro but we all eventually seem to get there. So, in answer to your question, if it's rephrased as: "Do you believe that fibro is progressive?" I would have to answer, "yes, I do, and I am one of the many who is proof of that response."

All good but not wanted By not wanted I mean that I am not looking forward to progressing in my condition. However, it is what it is and like I always say who knows what tomorrow will bring! I am going to try and start exercising again as well, I definitely believe that the more I move the less pain I have. It may not be alot less but I will take all I can get!! :-)

Yes! I was not diagnosed until my early 30’s but my symptoms started as a child. In fact my Rhumetologist and sleep specialist both feel I’ve had it since age 4 or 5. I feel like it very slowly progressed until I had a hysterectomy at age 30. I think it’s rapidly progressed since then due to stress and illness. I am now 45. Three years ago I had a full time job and took a couple Aleve everyday. I haven’t worked in two years, I can barely shower some days and take Norco pain pills every 6-8 hours. I will be honest and say I am terrified of what the next few years will be like. My husband thinks I’m in a two year “fibro flare”. Can they even last that long? I am not so sure. My optomistrist also noticed a severe difference I my eyes in the last year. (I have the dry eye symptom really bad.). I would love to think that my symptoms can improve, or at least stay the same, but I honestly don’t think they will. I always say it’s either the fibro progresses or our body get too old to deal with it but either way it gets worse.
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Mine has progressed over the course of 15 years. Each flare-up leaves me worse off. I find as I get older I feel the pain more intensely. I try my best to keep stress as low and manageable as I can because I know from experience high, sustained levels of stress feeds the progression. I believe it’s vital to proactively manage your stress with Fibro and also do your best to live healthy.