Does anybody's skin ever hurt?

Sometimes when my Fibro gets really bad it seams like my skin hurts and I was wondering if this happens to any one else? Also does anyone ever feel like their arms or legs are just super week? I am really wondering if this is my fibro or not, cause I've also had chest pain before but all my teats have always come back normal, but the weekness just seams odd to me and reassurance that others have had this feeling too would be helpful. Thanks.

Yes my skin definitely hurts. That is how my fibro started - just the skin on my lower arms hurt then it spread.

You might benefit from a four pronged cane to get around the house if your legs are weak. I fall a lot when I’m going from horizontal to upright. I used to be covered in bruises.

For the chest pain, I have that and I was told its asthma. I take asthma meds to control that-

Hope that helps

Thanks sunflower. I do have asthma and I do get chest pain with it it was just the two of them together that made me a little worried. Thanks so much, it helps to know I’m not alone.

Hi, Yes my skin definitely gets very painful. When I've been in a hard flare for a few days it hurts to be touched and certain clothing fabrics, like denim, are very painful. I have found that, for whatever reason, the drier my skin is the more painful it seems. I get a little relief by taking a good moisturizing lotion and mixing it with some of the aloe gel with lidocaine like you find in the sunburn section of the drug store. It's temporary relief but sometimes that makes all the difference in the world for me.

My arms and legs do feel super weak from time to time, it feels like I'm wearing weights on my wrists or ankles. The location and amount of weakness comes and goes, I've never heard any theories on what causes it or what might help.

So you aren't alone! I was actually encouraged to see your post, I thought I just had weird skin. :)

So glad I helped a little melsachingagain. I always just thought I had weird skin too or that maybe it was in my head.

On really bad days it does feel like my skin hurts. It can even feel like the hair on my skin hurts, as weird as that may sound lol. I even get the weakness in my legs and arms, sometimes my back, wrists, and fingers. Chest pains ,too (but mine could be from numerous things, not just fibro.)

my skin hurts sometimes. like just putting clothes on will even hurt. i also feel super weak all the time. the doctors always tell me to be active but i cant when i hurt like that all the time

I get told the same thing about being active. I was told it would help with the pain and make me feel better. And I try to. I go for walks and do yoga. But afterwards I end up feeling worse then I did.

You may want to see a cardiologist as a precaution. My cardio wanted me to do all sorts of tests. So stubborn I did not follow through.

Yes agree with you. I did physical therapy (pool therapy) and flunked out. If I spent more than 15 min exercising I was in bed for two days.

Absolutely! I can always tell when I’m going to have a flare because my skin will start to hurt shortly before. It honestly feels like I have the flu. Weak arms legs and hands, skin hurts, joints ache, and pure exhaustion. I haven’t had any chest pain though. Good luck!

Wow I just thought it was normal for my skin to hurt (only recently diagnosed) I have found out alot of the things i thought were NORMAL are all signs of my fibro, I have been doing alot of reading on these Discussion Boards and have pointed to my husband and said LOOK AT THAT!! I have done that or felt that way to!! All in all it has taken about 6 years for me to be diagnosed and as i write this the backs of my hands and tops of my arms (the skin) hurts. One problem that i have noticed is that when i lay down at night i sometimes realize that my legs are all stiff and tight, i have to mentally relax them. I know some of the musle tightness it from the pain, but does anyone else do this?

Yes me too. It's usually like that from my hip to my toes in one leg at night. And it alternates from leg to leg each night with me.

I also have times when my skin hurts and I can't stand to be touched when that happens. I haven't found anything to stop this yet but just 'ride it out'. The weakness in the arms & legs have become a mega problem for me much that I cannot get in my bathtub because I won't be able to get OUT. My Dr. tells me 'this' is all part of FM.

Yes, my skin hurts, too. When I am at home, I wear only a oversized Tshirt because the fabric touching my skin hurts. I hate wearing a bra, panties, and socks because they feel like torture. When I have a bad flareup, my skin is so sensitive and painful that I cannot even wash myself in the shower.

My arms and legs also become weak with a flareup. I have difficulty holding anything in my hand and doing daily activities become a challenge. When I feel so weak, my husband often helps me go up the stairs. Once in a while, I get chest pains, too. Sometimes it feels like something is piercing my chest. Do you get chest congestions as well? I get cold/flu-like chest congestions but never develops into anything.

I have those days when I close the drapes and wear either a Tshirt like you or silky pj's and pray nobody comes to the door because I WILL NOT answer it. As far as daily activities..I only do the MUSTS and ignore the rest that SHOULD be done when I'm having those BAD days. I live alone so my only responsibility is to take care of my little dog.

I don't have the piercing in my chest (yet) but I do get a lot of both sinus & chest congestion. feels like a flu coming on that doesn't develop. I was visiting with a Fibro friend today and many of her symptoms are different than mine as I'm finding out that is the way it is with most all of FM people. My back, shoulders, knees, elbows drive me half-crazy with pain....whilst a/m friend arms, legs, feet, hands, migraines drive HER half-crazy. Do you experience fibro fog times? That is very bad for me when it happens because I don't dare drive or do anything that requires focus.

It is really strange that there are SO MANY SYMPTOMS experienced by FM people. For me, generalized malaise feeling (flu-like achiness) is the worst. I am not sure how much pain is related to my fatigue. I also get sinus and ear pain with no illness develping. I hear sinus pressure in my ears then.

The worst pain I have is the trigeminal neuralgia (on my left side face resulting from a nerve damage). It literally feels as if icepicks are penetrating my head/sinuses and I cannot even keep my eye open. I also have severe pain in my shoulders, arms, and hands. It's difficult to do daily activities and also type -I have to switch hands to use the mouse.

Yes, I have f-fogs...when it's severe, it makes me feel like a robot because I cannot think or even move my body. I have to tell my brain to move which arm and leg to do things! I get lost easily when I am driving, so I do not drive when I am foggy. Remembering anything is hard. It took me a long time to finish grad schools.

FibroChou, Did you mean to say “hear” sinus pressure? I ask because I have an annoying problem with pulsatile tinnitus. I hear my blood flow when congested. This condition is not related to fibro as far as I know. I have had sooooo many tests and the cause is not a brain tumor, etc

I have nerve damage from shingles so I can sort of understand what you are going through - no fun.

Geranium, That is funny - I don’t answer my door either. I can only stand a big fluffy robe touching my skin.

Yes..very strange & I suspect that is why they have not yet found a cure for FM. I didn't understand why I am always SO tired (fatigue) until my Dr. told me that chronic fatigue syndrome goes hand in hand with FM. I find the problem with that is we MUST try to be as mobile as possible with fibro.. BUT we are too tired to GET mobile. It's a vicious circle isn't it?

I'm so sorry to hear that you have to deal with the neuralgia pain on top of all this..that is very distressing for you I'm sure.

I just remembered that a few months ago I was ambulanced off to hospital with chest pains...suspected silent heart attack. A really knowledgeable Dr. was on call and put me through a battery of tests and ultimately determined I was having anxiety/panic attacks from the constant FM pains.

My typing is especially bad when in the f-fog as I transpose letters, leave out words and it's a mumble jumble that I have edit & re-edit. Frustrating...grrr. The safest thing for me to do during the f-fog is go to bed and ride it out..even if it takes a couple days or more.

May I ask what meds you are on?