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Hey everyone I have been struggling with symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I say symptoms because I believe we can heal our own bodies, as well as we can create our own pain. This is my belief system and I am not disregarding other’s beliefs or Dr’s diagnoses. I believe Fibromyalgia d is a real and painful diagnosis because I to am living with it. A few nights ago I had an experience, I was up 2:30 am with extreme pain in several areas with different types of pain. Something told me to listen to a meditation to try to process this pain or at least get myself to breathe. I had an amazing results the meditation was releasing and letting go with body mapping, don’t quote me on that title because I’m not positive if it. The point is that by me placing my hands on the areas that hurt and saying please release gently, please let go, I’m sorry I ignored you for this long and please leave my body. The pain lifted. I know it’s so crazy, but I want to say that at least 70% of pain was gone. Since then experiences have been happening like tons of laughter, realizations of my purpose and my personal power to heal my own body. Idk it’s just my experience but I’m definitely looking further into this because I believe our emotions if not dealt with settle and they settle in our tissues. Our body hurts to get our attention so that we will pay attention to ourselves, love ourselves and allow the past emotions to leave our body…. just my thoughts and experience…. Sending you all love & positive vibes.


I’m so glad you found something that created a positive experience for you!

H Jmarie!

Glad to hear such a positive experience, and hope you and others will sometimes be able to repeat this and also generally install it!

I can well understand what you’ve experienced, no surprise to me!
We’re sometimes able to actually improve our pain mentally, yes. And always able to improve our coping / management / tolerance of all of it, also.
Similar to you I also focus on the single symptoms rather than the complete condition. However I don’t have a belief system, mine is based on my overall experience that this has brought me more success, and I think because our forms of it are so varied that the name fibromyalgia is only a part of the story. So much success, that I’d say the pain bit is the one I have managed to get under control most, especially local pains I can get pretty much down to zero. However only if I keep at it, so I wouldn’t call that healing. And my other severe symptoms like insomnia and fatigue are even more challenging. These you haven’t mentioned?

I’m wondering how you have come to believe about healing and creating pain to that extent? - this single experience of yours doesn’t reveal much about it happening all the time, constantly improving etc. or why it should be the case for others.
I have had some dramatically good experiences too, where I felt pretty healthy for a few hours. Various treatments have done this, notably whole body cryotherapy, acupressure, praps Yoga Nidra. And then there have been hours where cortisol in my body was able to override pain and other symptoms (but that’s fake and entices us to overdo it and get severe backlashes).
Unfortunately these situations have grown less and less for me, due to the combination with my other conditions like MCAS. Despite >100 self-treatments a day my energy for physical activity has gone down from 35% (fibro) to 15-20%, at the moment 10% due to jab-triggered MCAS.

What is incredibly important to me like you is laughter, purpose, self-empowerment, generally a positive attitude, and I’d say I’ve actually never been happier and at peace with myself in my life.
All this is getting me to self-care more and more, and I agree the hurt is good for pointing us to pay more attention, love ourselves and let go. However our pain mechanisms does not always work that positively and unfortunately the experience of me and others who do absolutely all they can mentally and physically show that the results remain limited as far as the actual symptoms go.

Have you looked into ACT, acceptance and commitment therapy, incl. the concept of radical acceptance? That’s something I thoroughly recommend: It shows how paining about the pain doubles it, whilst letting go like you say halves that and shows various techniques how to implement that into our days.

Wow Jay love your language and can feel your success as well as frustration. I first want to address my beliefs about me possibly creating the cycle of pain. As I reflect on my early childhood I recall a huge trauma when my Mother left. My Father and family did not explain why or if she would return. Although they did tell me my Mother loved me but had some problems that she needed to work on. I recall at this point 5 years old took on my own story. Which was I was not good enough and could have been better. My Mother took my younger brother so I also told my self if I did not require so much maybe she would have taken me. These beliefs left me with not feeling worthy and being selfish. I spent the next 45 years with over compensating in all of my relationships and employers. Every time something went wrong I went back to that story. This pattern for me left me empty, exhausted and emotionally empty. I agree that the pain does resurface but I also believe with time and self love, awareness and willingness to let go, healing does happen. I am new to this but I have been a massage therapist for 17 years, I truly believe in holistic health, and miracles. I would love to hear more from you. Thank you for your input and reflection on my post. Have a amazing day and may you be free of pain and full of self love. Everyone calls me J as well…

Walk In Beauty

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Hi again … J! from J! :sunglasses:

Such brilliant meanings in that!

Wow, a mum leaving and not knowing anything more is one trauma that is so hard to work on! Several people near to me have issues similar, but not that tough. Mums being there, but not enough, reasons there, but only partly known or understandable for a child - a lot easier to work on all the same. And I can well see how in your case, bodily pain may partly be a result of the mental pain. Some studies find that quite a high percentage of people with fibro also have trauma, but others suggest about 20%. Absolutely no proof that trauma or stress is the cause or even part cause, it’s as yet only an association. I think all studies that focus on it would say that trauma therapy, CBT and/or ACT can help improve our condition somewhat, but I’ve never found them able to say that these actually heal the pain, but also not that it is impossible. And I can imagine it being possible in the constellation that the fibro pain is only being caused by those mental issues, so there are no unrelated or irreversible physical problems caused by not being able to process them.

But part of my condition is of course finding and doing what I can to minimize further, regardless of the averages studies need to aim for. Trauma therapy seems the most relevant, but trying the various types until the right one and person is found can be “trialling” and in these cases re-traumatizing. So belief that the healing of trauma may be a big part of healing pain can be a good motivation to get going at all, but I think the path needs to be very carefully chosen to prevent people from being disappointed or even endangered too quickly and then not continuing at all. There again ACT rather than trauma therapy or CBT might be a more careful approach to it. The risk in all, incl. ACT, is that many people seem to expect to be healed and cured of everything, 100%, and can’t imagine what sense there is in someone who wants to help suggesting they can’t do that much for the pain itself, but all the world for their attitude and quality of life. Disregarding the emotional side of things seems a good way to increase bad emotions, so become unhappy…

But are you sure it’s good for you to see yourself as “creating” the cycle of pain? Cos it sounds a little bit like taking the blame upon ourselves again, like we’ve been used to do… I do see the meaning behind that - that no one other than ourselves will be able to get us out of the hamster wheel we’ve been put and forgotten in, it is (only) us that can stop adding further fuel to the pain by learning to become conscious of and then let go of the guilt, shame, anguish, grief etc. Regarding the original events, the events since then and also the event of the condition that has now developed. If you don’t mean “creating” in that sense, all may be well, but as we come out of these backgrounds and try changing our way of thinking, each image and each word needs to be chosen and re-chosen carefully to what will bring us to grow upwards. So even if you don’t mean it that way, it may be good for you and I and others reading this to reflect upon it being OK.
To put it into the words you used, I’m wondering whether seeing it as you creating and you being able to heal may be again a prolonged, supposedly improved form of “over compensation”? I don’t mean to psychologize, just askin’… :open_hands:

(It may also help to be able to see it wasn’t anyone’s fault to get out of this guilt trap, because everyone was doing what they thought was best at the time, and maybe it was and everything else would have been even more traumatic or even dangerous?)

Myself (if you haven’t read it on my blog) I’d ironically sorted out all trauma and anxiety long before and stress and was betting better and better with mindfulness quite a few years before fibro, still got that checked and confirmed by several psychologists. So much so, that I actually don’t have much of the “frustration” that might be expected, like you’ve called it… it’s just the challenges are getting higher, but my attitude even stronger than the challenges.
I actually “play” these conditions like a game of cards, like rummy, where I have a certain patient way of playing without stress, working out loads of workarounds to feel as if I’m winning even if I’m not winning as defined by the rules. Actually I also practice this in the almost daily real games of Skip-Bo (Spite & Malice…) with my wife (where she’s better) or table tennis with mates (where I’m better). The easiest one seems to be gleefully shouting “Yeah, won!” when the other wins. Nothing in the rules that forbids that… :laughing: Other ways are to never do something that will ‘hurt’ the other(s), or balance it out, or even to make sure I’m helping, either visible if that’s OK for the other person, or invisibly ‘cheating’ to lose if not, or to add co-operative rules, like we’ve both won or lost under certain circumstances. But I minimize frustration in real life by “playing it”, and practicing that by minimizing frustration in games. It’s just a game, I try to show others, and bit by bit they are able to see that.

So my doubt and belief is that solving all previous mental and physical issues is not the cure, but helpful for happiness etc.

Wow, wow and wow! You have obviously been on this road a lot longer than I, been doing your homework. I have a hard time focusing so forgive me if I don’t comment to everything. You have valid points and I have these beliefs for me. If they can help someone by me sharing great. I was really just sharing my experience. I will say that in realizing the story I told myself I don’t not blame myself. I was a child trying to make sense of adult situations. I believe that when I took on this belief unconsciously it created a belief about myself that I later realized was how I tried not to be which created unhealthy boundaries, self care and over achieving trying to people please. All of that lead me to being sick very often, which compromised my immune system. I can be totally wrong, but I’m sure it added to a lot of my health issues now. I am open to your thoughts or ideas. I’m not to familiar with the treatments you spoke of nor where to find them. I was diagnosed 4 months ago.

Thank you,
Jeanette Bell

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I also love the skipo idea, we play with our daughters all of the time. I do this thing where no matter how sad I am or sore. I put the music up high and try to move my body so that it releases serotonin. Tricking my brain to be happier. There’s been research on it. I agree no one should do Trauma releasing without knowledge of the unknowing results and how they will process them. I was doing a Trauma release body mapping meditation. I also have training in Trauma release, PTSD and have done several different methods under facilitators. I think everyone should consult there Doctor before trying anything knew that may effect their health, emotional and physical wellness.

Hope to hear your thoughts

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Has anyone tried a parasite cleanse??

Hey Jmarie,
I would be VERY CAUTIOUS in regard to ‘some’ parasite treatments. There needs to be a balance of good and bad bacteria in the body. The issue with some such treatments is that, yes, they do kill the bad ones, but they can also kill off the good ones too. For someone with a compromised immune system this could be super risky. If you do decide to follow this route, PLEASE consult a medical doctor before doing so.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Hi J,

I agree with Merl, this is something far out of the way and needs to be carefully thought about.
Firstly, it has nothing to do with fibro. If anyone is suggesting to you that your fibro symptoms are from a parasite, I’d be very suspicious if they have any idea what they are talking about.
Secondly, I’d think about it if an MD had diagnosed that I have a parasite, but the way you ask it doesn’t sound it.
Thirdly, some of the things suggested for parasites are plain healthy, like eliminating sugar, and that of course is very helpful for any health condition. Whilst eliminating grains is very controversial, but not that dangerous: it can mean trying gluten-free (fairly often tried for fibro), it can mean trying low carb (again controversial), it can depend on what kinds of grain, how processed and whether you’re in the US (grains changed) or EU (grains more normal). Generally every time I looked in detail at the arguments of low carb proponents, incl. study evidence, it boiled down to actually meaning to avoid processed foods, which modern food usually is. Again it’s healthy to minimize processed foods.
The supps suggested for a parasite cleanse however are not useful for fibro or similar conditions, they’re pretty specific for that, so I’d be extremely careful there.

Or maybe I should have asked back “what exactly do you mean?” :open_hands: :sunglasses:
Or just answered: No, and I haven’t ever come across anyone with fibro who has done this, altho I know in functional medicine some people tout it.

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Works for me, but only for a few minutes, that way I’ve tricked my brain to be elated, but don’t get the backlash from too much dancing… :open_hands:

Thanks! :blush: I try to be creative, imaginative … try not to exaggerate…

You mean ACT? Books, webpages, esp. youtube, help, as for any treatments… (youtube I’ve found is a first go to for everything, incl. all physical treatments…)