Hi! I have Fibromyalgia, RA, reynoids disease without gangreen, complex regional pain syndrome diagnosed back in 2012. I recently had a epidural shot for buldging discs in back. Two days after the epidural my nerves were on fire from my head to my waist. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this. I have been taking celobrex and percocet for pain, ice and epsom salt baths, has gotten a little better but im concerned this is because of epidural shot.

Hi Pandora and welcome here! :wave:

I also have severe fibromyalgia. And Raynauld’s in my feet, also without gangrene, I now wear 5 pairs of socks day and night most of the year. I’d also been given celecoxib/Celebrex and another COX-2 inhibitor/NSAID, but I got severe skin rashes from both all over and they didn’t help with pain, so it was a quick decision not to try anything like that, and finally after 6-7 meds to turn away from meds altogether.
When you say “ice and epsom salt baths” I bet you mean ice packs and not ice baths, like Lady Gaga (and Wim Hof). :upside_down_face: I do cold showers (15-20 seconds) regularly, esp. at night to sleep better.
Regarding problems after an epidural shot, I have to say I got one using hyaluronic acid, kind of novel treatment for my fibromyalgia. And it was dreadful, I got a flush like a sunburn in my face for at least one day, and increased back pain for a long time… months actually… The doc wanted me to continue up my back a few weeks later, but my wife admonished me to stop and I actually stopped going to that doc (orthopedist / rehab doc). So I truly hope you’ll improve soon, and from my experience can’t recommend continuing that treatment at all if you have these problems now. :open_hands:
I’m usually not at a loss for recommendations what to do, but now am not sure, since that was a time where I hadn’t any of the 100s of tools I have now. I’d think you’re on the right track tho with ice and warm baths. As I don’t tolerate warm baths or meds if I had it now I think I’d be experimenting with a quick cold shower every few hours alternately to hot water bottles…
For spine things even as dramatic as bulging discs I prefer the non-doc route, look anything up on youtube together with either exercises, stretches or acupressure. I think things like these epidurals show us that what we can do is a lot safer than what docs like to try on us. But if we do worry, get a gentle expert PT to have a go at it might be an alternative. I do everything myself now (except acupuncture).

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HI @Pandora1118 ! Let me start off by welcoming you here. I have had a few cortisone shots in the lower back, with no reaction like that. As always, anything that’s surprising or concerning should be brought up with your doctor. It sounds like it might be a generalized reaction to the shot, not localized reaction would bring pain in and around the area, stiffness in the section, etc. But with fibromyalgia, it’s a pain condition. Not surprisingly an “insult” of this sort can set off a flare, and I suspect that’s what it is. Regardless of what I’m guessing, talk to your doctor. If there’s a way to contact them through a patient portal or similar that might be easiest.

@JayCS I have Raynaud’s as well. I’m a bit concerned about wearing multiple pairs of socks at once. This can cause poor circulation, which can make the Raynaud’s worse. It will also likely make your shoes fit too tight, further exacerbating the issue.

Sharon from ModSupport


Thank you so much for replying!! I really thought i was going crazy. I am definatly thinking of not doing the shots anymore, really didnt feel any relief and not worth the flare. Thank tou again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Sharon, thanks for this, I’ve been waiting for someone to react so I can understand and explain why they or rather mine work for me.

My circulation doesn’t suffer, it is improved: My feet are warm if I wear 5 pairs, if I wear less they get cold and I get a sore throat.
I had to add the 4th pair when fibro started and the 5th after the jabs triggering MCAS. So not somehow progressing apart from these conditions.

The main reason why the socks don’t constrict anything is because the first 3 are 100% pure organic cotton, the last 2 are 100% pure wool, i.e. 0% Lycra, altogether leaving hardly any marks. This is a good side effect from not tolerating anything else than pure cotton on my skin (not even “stretchy” cotton which claims to be 100%).
Secondly my shoes seem pretty flexible - organic cotton sneakers in the summer and leather barefoot shoes in the winter which are a bit roomy already, but also stretch a bit without wearing out.
But as I am indoors most of the day, my old worn out pseudo-Birkenstock’s or just socks are fine.

Additionally of course I do a lot to keep my circulation checked & trained, as I have genetically high lipids / CVD threat:

  • My cardio checks and praises my blood flow, and is aware of my Raynauld’s & 5 pairs of socks,
  • my main posture twist-stretched on the floor in various positions, so legs usually at the height of my buttocks (rather than )
  • cold showers now up to 3x a night (improves sleep stints and depth),
  • several supps that amongst other things also improve blood flow: (R-)ALA, pine bark, PEA, rhodiola, resveratrol, soon huperzia.
  • sometimes creams to improve blood flow.

So of course whilst this is brilliant for me, I can’t just recommend it one to one for anyone else who can’t do it in the same way, it’s just as ever showing with my weird body what can be a possible solution. And actually mainly just showing what Raynauld’s is like.

Fair enough. I have done two pairs of socks, a silk or similar liner, plus wool socks on top. But for most people doing as you’re doing WOULD make for poor circulation, and colder feet. Having had frostbite and frostnip on a number of occasions from Raynauds, now possibly lupus, I’m pretty cautious.

Sharon from ModSupport

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Hi and welcome!! Not sure what kind of shot they gave you for a bulging disc or if they were trying to deaden the nerve tot he disc. Fibro, Raynauds in feet and hands, complex pain, DDD in entire spine, DJD, & more. I’ve had multiple shots, deaden then severing the nerve (didn’t work), ketamine injections (never doing that again), and one “injection” to recreate my pain…discogram. Sure wish that one had a disco ball instead of needles going into discs to recreate the pain :joy:.

If you aren’t happy with any outcome of a procedure then speak up and let the docs know. Some are still under the impression that it’s all in our heads and nobody can feel that much pain. If they ever felt one day of our flares they’d all have a much better understanding. For my fibro I take Savella 100mg twice a day, fought hard to keep this one when they wanted to start all over with meds. It’s horrible for he first week, nausea, even more tiredness, which flares the pain. Got through that and I can function very well. I rarely take pain meds anymore as they don’t work, I do use CBD to help.

For those socks I wear thick winter lounge socks in my house and 2 pair outside in winter. Also fuzzy slip on house shoes when it’s really bad.

Wishing you the best and prayers for less pain.


Hi Sharon - I checked about this with my cardio yesterday who said that it’s fine how I do it and it just depends on what kind of socks, shoes etc., so it’s about trying out various things to wear. If it warms your feet when you test at home for 10’, then your circulation is better. If my socks or shoes were too tight, I('d) expand them, and if they weren’t flexible enough I’d get more flexible or bigger ones. To “walk in my shoes” as said it’d have to be 2-3x 100% organic cotton under 1-2x 100% wool, no additives, esp. no Lycra. If your 2 pairs make your feet colder than one pair, then it seems the type is wrong, not the amount.
Now it’s getting colder I additionally use a hot water bottle indoors, and occasionally outdoors or when I go somewhere. Or for outdoors natural hand and foot warmers (like the HotHands ones), iron filings, air activated, disposable.