Facial pain and infected sinus...Pain +++

I am unwell at the moment with a nasty left sided sinus infection, my face hurts so much, neuralgia, and cheekbone is very tender to touch.

In the past I would have still coped with my everyday life but now with fibro too I find when I get an infection like a cold/sore throat etc my fibro kicks in too and end up just feeling like a limp wet rag!!

I dread getting an ordinary simple little everyday virus etc now as it just wipes me out.

Or is it me just feeling sorry for myself and need a good shake up!!!

Lucy xx

Nope - no shake for you! Sinus pain is painful and when anything involves our head it feels multiplied and the fibro doesn’t help. You have every right to baby yourself, get plenty of fluids and sleep if you can!
Have you seen your PCP for this? You may need an antibiotic or decongestant to take care of it if its bacterial. Better to be safe. Hoping you feel better soon ~ hugs~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Lucy, I'm so sorry you have to deal with a sinus infection and fibro. I too have problems with my sinuses. Sandi is right you should check with your pcp, even if it's just to find out what you can take over the counter. Usually that's all I need and for some reason it makes me able to sleep a lot and I get over it quicker.

Hope you feel better soon.



Get plenty of rest and fluids. See your doctor. I have recurent sinus and ear infections. I just left the ENT doctor and have hearing loss because of this. Baby your self.

Thank you my fibro friends!

So nice to have you in my life.

I shall see my doc tomorrow morning, have been in and out of bed all day! My left cheek feels on fire if I don't take the painkillers on the dot 4 hourly. I started some antibiotics last night, had some left over from a previous dental infection, fortunately being an ex nurse I know what to take but they will run out tomorrow so will get some more.

I think it is bacterial, it's not viral like a cold.

I love you all and thank you.

Lucy xx

Feel better, Lucy!

Hi SK,

Yes a bit better today, not quite so painful, but nausea from analgesia and antibiotics, spoke to doc, to carry on with the course of antibiotics.

Thanks SK.

Love Lucy xx


Just dropping a line or two to say, after 5 days of double dose antibiotics I finally think this infection is on the move! It has wiped me out, plus the a/biotics make you feel yuck!!

I look a little less like Quasimodo now that my facial swelling is settling! It was so swollen the other day that I couldn't open my left eye!

Still, on the mend now and I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who sent me messages.

Wishing you all a nice day,

Love Lucy xx

Hi Lucy,

Glad you are on the way to better! Those are so miserable! Fall is my time to get them, when all of the vegetation decomposes, and outdoor mold is high! So sorry you have had to withstand this.

Sending good thoughts your way,