Feeling alone and stressed - fibro flaring!

What time of day is best to catch other group members online? I keep odd hours, chronic pain does disrupt sleep.

I so want to learn more and learn how to be proactive in helping myself have the best quality of life possible. My rheumy diagnosed me, and ever since spends 60 seconds per visit with me, just long enough to write a script for a non narcotic pain med. He hasn't given me a chance to ask questions or to explain anything about fibromyalgia to me. With the recent onset of a movement disorder, and the severe muscle spasms, I am beginning to believe it is something else or more or different going on. The movement disorder neuro says all this is in no way connected to my spinal cord decompression surgery 4 months ago. And, he has never seen my movement disorder before - like myoclonus except it involves both arms and both legs, all at once.

Yes, I face alot of challenges, but i am determined NOT to allow them to make me a bystander of life. Any suggestions, directions to look for knowledge or other help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Ama

i suggestyou dont rely on docs and take control of your illness read all info on the net and you will find lots things to try make sure you check your ph levels it is vital that they are level 7 over wise other illness can occur if levels arnt right and your insides could get blocked and major problems co emzymeq10 is good for helping deal with these issues apple cider vinegar is also good teaspoon in glass of water is also good for ibs and arthritic pain when your being armed with knowledge it helps to make feel good about yourself i hope this helps you feel like you can face this head on xxxxxx you dont have to feel loney there is always some here

Hi Ama!

Quick caveot about supplements: Please make sure to check with your doc before taking supplements to be sure they won't interact with any of your meds. Since the FDA doesn't oversee regulation of them, anything can be added to them and you want to be sure you don't harm yourself using them if they interact.

I've been in too much pain lately to be chatting very much. I find it very hard to concentrate on answering a live person in a productive manner. I'm hoping this improves once my back heals from a procedure I just had done to it.

Is there a reason that you're sticking with this rheumy? Is he the only one available to you? Because you are really getting gypped of time and care with him. I strongly suggest getting a better rheumy. You deserve to get your questions answered and to get a satisfactory answer about what fibro is. You also need guidance on the movement disorder. It sounds like he's content to just give you pain meds and then move on but that's not all that his job with you entails! Fire him, if you can!!!

This is a very good resource and community for helping with fibro. I suggest you read several back pages of comments to get a better understanding of what fibro is about and how others cope with it. Also feel free to post questions yourself. You'd be surprised over how many answers you'll get and the info you'll learn. Plus, you'll learn that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! :-D