Feeling high off of mixed med cocktail

Ok, so I'm currently on Ambien, Effexor, Gabapentin and Ibuprofen, which are spread through out the day, but all get together for my night time routine. And apparently they party hearty, because I get high as a kite! Which isn't a terrible feeling, but I do have to watch out who I'm around after I take my meds cause I'm pretty loopy. I also wonder if this kind of this is normal with the mixture of all these things? It started happening when I took Ambien in combo with Effexor, which just made me super relaxed with minor hallucinations. Since adding the Gabapentin and Ibuprofen to the party, my muscles feel very relaxed and loose (almost to the point of out of control) and my inhibitions go straight out the window. I also don't really feel much pain anymore either (which is VERY nice). I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to get the same less pain/relaxed feeling without the loopiness? Also, has anyone else had the "my meds cocktail is making me high" thing happen to them?

It has to be the Ambien mixing with something. But when taking Ambien, you should either be in bed, or heading there - sometimes it can kick in immediately, sometimes not at all ! Don't take a chance of passing out on the floor.

(been there/done that!) If they are telling you to take all these things together, I would assume they mean AT BEDTIME. Call the doctor and ask when he wants you to take these, and if all together -- and if they are new to you, the side effects will pass in time. But talk to the doctor and be careful in the meantime !

Hugs! Renie

ps: I LOVE your tags !!!

Oh, this is definitely a bedtime combo only! But I still have to wait about half an hour before it all kicks in enough to fall asleep so sometimes my roommates get to see the effects. My doctor has said that it's ok to take all of these together and that some of the high feeling is just the Ambien doing its thing. But I've been taking the combo for over a year and it still has the same level of effect (although when I'm really tired, it's even more) It just seems like a risky situation to get into for when I travel. (as an archaeologist and overseas masters student I sometimes end up on overnight trans-atlantic flights so it seems reasonable to be a little worried.)

Has anyone else had the Ambien+ effect?

I think you are extremely sensitive to medications. Have you always been? Your body should be used to the others by now, I would think. I take at bedtime: Effexor, Gabapentin, Ibuprofen, a muscle relaxer, and Klonopin, if needed. I've never gotten any of the "fun" stuff you describe !! :(

Just so you know, if you ever need to stop the Effexor, do it VERRRRRY slowly. It's known for major withdrawal, and they are not kidding. I've been trying to stop it (again) for about a year now, and I can't handle the effects--so I'm just staying on it. Brain-zaps are no fun !

When traveling, and you need to stay loopy-less (that's a word?) -- I would just hold off on the Ambien. Unless you have enough time on the flight for a full night sleep, and to get it all out of your system.

Do you have any side effects from the Ambien? When I took it, it made my body "jerk" as I was falling asleep, almost like when you take a narcotic pain med - I could only sleep 4 hours - never any more - and I always woke up in SEVERE pain. Even the extended ones would only go 4 hours.

OK then: Loopyness, relaxed and loose, mild hallucinations (as long as they aren't scary), loss of inhibition, high-as-a-kite feeling, no pain --- I'm not sure if that's a bad thing !!! LOL!

Good Luck - I'm sure someone knows much more about it....