Fibro flare up - High Fructose Corn Syrup

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as I have had?

Last year I had two separate nasal surgeries. After the first surgery my Dr told me to eat frozen pops for the first day or so after the surgery. Unbeknownst to me, the pops were basically HFCS on a stick. The first afternoon, I ate 6 of the pops.

At that point, I had had fibro for about 7 years and my pain management had been great. Before my fibro was under control my pain averaged a 5 to 7 daily. Ouch, but we all know what that is like! Since I'm on the right meds, exercise, etc my pain is 0 to 2 daily. Very manageable! But those three days following my first surgery, my pain never dropped below 10 and I was on Vicodin . Pain in every joint, muscle, and nerve. I know it wasn't the Vicodin as I was on it when I had dental surgery the year before.

My pain was so bad that I needed help to get out of the chair and to walk. Every step I took was agonizing. Think of the old man who shuffled his feet on the Carol Burnett show; but worse.

After my second surgery I avoided the HFCS and didn't have any problems and was back at work in 3 days.

I've heard a lot of stuff about avoiding HFCS and since then, I DO. But I'm curious if others have had any first hand experience with it. Those were the worst, most painful three day's of my life.

Since then, except for the occasional indulgent soda (filled with HFCS), I avoid HFSC like the plague. I've found several cereals and 100% fruit juices that don't have it in it. I'm allergic to aspartame so most sugar free stuff is out.

I’m the same. I can’t have any sugar sugar free or corn syrup AT ALL. I use organic honey for substitute. There’s less and less that my body can tolerate unless its organic.

I'm lucky, real cane sugar doesn't seem to bother me too, too much. And you're right, organic is better. We even have a small organic garden plot and that supplies about half of our veggies.

Connie said:

I'm the same. I can't have any sugar sugar free or corn syrup AT ALL. I use organic honey for substitute. There's less and less that my body can tolerate unless its organic.

Thanks for this info; I'm new to fibromyalgia and I have been researching this like crazy; I generally try to avoid hfcs and I rarely drink sodas, so I guess I'm doing something OK, right? I'm also eliminating caffeine, which is a bit hard for me, being that I love coffee and chocolate. Of course there are healthier alternatives to all these things.

I'm also glad to hear that your pain management is working. That's hopeful for me, a "newbie", lol. I have an additional med to my daily fibro meds, so I hope it will help ease my pains.

Again, any info is well appreciated!

Hfcs is not good for you.Sugar substitutes aren’t either.Use sugar in the raw or stevia.

With or without FM you should watch what you eat .It took me 47 yrs to figure it out.
A friend told me about Beyond Diet.There ia a free video that you can mostly figure out what to eat.I follow it to loose
weight.You can join if you are that serious.It is a different way of eating.Not a diet, really.

I also cannot handle aspartame , I do not drink any sodas, switching to lemon seltzer instead, I seem to do a lot better without sugar but crave it and pay for it!

ariestlt said:

Most people don't like my iced tea because I don't put a lot of sugar in it.

Since I'm originally from Georgia (now SoCal) I can say this: I didn't realize that folks in PA drank much sweat tea. I thought it was only in the south. Although you can get it out here now in certain fast food chains. I grew up on it and when I go back south, it sure does bring up some good memories but Oh, my gosh it's sweat.

Yeah, every so often I crave a good hamburger and break down. That's about the extent of my red meat.

SarahW: Eating disorders make fibro even more complicated. But this is a great place to get the support you need to do your best at creating the healthier life you deserve. We've all got our issues and you'll only find support and compassion here!

You're most welcome!

Sugar makes me hurt like crazy, and since HFCS is pure sugar, I'm not surprised at your pain. I'm trying all the new, natural ones out there. Palm sugar is syrup from a coconut palm tree made into crystals, and for some reason it doesn't absorb, doesn't turn into fat and doesn't raise blood sugar. Its also called organic coconut sugar. I will buy that next. I also like Stevia, Splenda and there's another all natural one that fibro fog just robbed from my brain. Thinking... Darn I tried to look it up, and I found about 30 sugar substitutes but not the name of the plant I was looking for. It was good education though. I will avoid the chemically made ones with no natural connection. You can read about sugar substitutes at

In our genes there is actually Hereditary Fructose Intolerance. It can be a very dangerous deficiency to those that carry that genetic defect.

Some doctors actually believe we have a form of Diabetes they wish to term Diabetes 3. I know for sure that glucose in the brain is one of our issues so that spells sugar for sure.

In the early 90s when I was first disgnosed, my doctor ran a test called Immuno Blood Print. There were two parts to it. But when it returned it said that I had various deficiencies in my blood and various reactions in my immune system to certain foods. Bananas was high at 3+ . Also along with the minerals I was deficit, B6, B12 etc. it said Fructose Intolerance... this was not a genetic test, only a blood print test to show my immune reaction. It said I could eat some fruit but be careful to limit myself and totally stay away from Bananas.

Recently I have learned about the FODMAP diet. I believe a doctor developed it for IBS. She discuses the different sugars in the body and which ones the "gut" bacteria thrive on the most. You an imagine that Fructose and Lactose are two they adore.

All that said... I would not be surprised if the environmental onset of our illnesses was not sparked by High Fructose Corn Syrup which is allowed in our foods and drinks even though some European countries have banned it. I don't believe anyone needs that kind of sugar insult to the body - or the brain.

About a year ago, the FDA allowed manufacturers to change the labeling of HFCS. If you see "corn sugar" on the label, it's HFCS. Same thing with MSG. Now it can be called hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

I think it is a shame that manufacturers are allowed to minimize the wordage to keep the consumer from knowing the truth. Especially when they know that Hereditary Fructose Intolerance is high on our genetic list. "According to the USDA, HFCS consists of 24% water, and the rest sugars." It angers me that while the USA is so advanced in many things, other countries do not use HFCS in soft drinks because of the health risks it proposes.

Part of the results from a Princeton Research rat study say: "Compared to animals eating only rat chow, rats on a diet rich in high-fructose corn syrup showed characteristic signs of a dangerous condition known in humans as the metabolic syndrome, including abnormal weight gain, significant increases in circulating triglycerides and augmented fat deposition, especially visceral fat around the belly. Male rats in particular ballooned in size: Animals with access to high-fructose corn syrup gained 48 percent more weight than those eating a normal diet. "

I sure am bigger than a rat. 48% wow.

Wow, Hopabout, that is great info to know. The only three sweeteners that I can tolerate at all are: cane/beet sugar, honey, and saccharine in limited amounts. Stevia and Spenda give me horrendous headaches and aspartame makes my breathing weird.

MSG gives me bad headaches too. Fortunately, my favorite Chinese place doesn't use it but I pay the price if I go elsewhere.

You should see me reading every single label when I go to the grocery store. Got it down to a science now and once you know what's Ok for you to eat, it's not that difficult. In a way it is very empowering to say, "No, I can't eat this but I can eat this." It really does reinforce the fact that our health is our own responsibility and there are options. It a good feeling to know that I doing my best to take care of myself.

It is Allen, for years I floundered around trying this and that but finally understood what triggers could do. My sister can't tolerate any of the substitutes either. She gets migraines but I don't. That does not make them ok, I just don't I try hard to stay away from the MSG and ask them NOT to use any if they will should I go out. That stuff is truly dangerous. I live in Costa Rica and the numbers of cans and boxes are limited on the shelves (well we just got Walmart so ) but basically these people eat fresh veggies and fruits and there is a foot-ball field sized market on the weekends, If I can stay as fresh as possible, the hidden mess in the prepared things wont get me !

We live and learn, hopefully something we say here can help newly diagnosed persons to learn what to do also.

I learned a long time ago the answers were not in Rx drugs or doctors that dont know much about nutrition. You are so right - Our own responsibility and together we will survive it.

Do you ever feel like a victim ? urrrrr

Hopabout said: "Do you ever feel like a victim ? "

I used too. When I was unemployed for 3 or 4 years and hadn't been diagnosed yet. My PCP kept saying I think it's fibro and I kept saying that that meant he didn't know what it was, which to some degree is/was correct. But finally, I was so sick of being sick and tired and finally surrendered to fibro. At that point the options were remain in the bed for the rest of my life and feel sorry for myself or do whatever (bar NOTHING) it takes to change my life and get better. So, I found out specifically what I could do to improve my health. And began implementing those changes in my life gradually. Meds, diet, exercise, therapy, better attitude, massage, chiropractic. At first it was a major effort to go out of the house at all. It was not uncommon for me to stay in our apartment for 6 straight days without setting foot out of the door once. So I worked on that first. Then added therapy, then exercise but only one new thing at a time and only a little of it at first until I built up my tolerance.

I still struggle on a daily basis and stumble every-so-often but I'm working 8 hours a day, employing 3 people, exercising 1-2 times a week, eating better, and enjoying life. I don't get to do all of the things I would like to do, but the life I have now is a million times better than what it was like when I was not working and in pain at home on the couch. It took a huge amount of effort and came about slowly over the course of 2 years. I just made up my mind that I was NEVER, EVER going to give up, even when I failed the first, second, or hundredth time.

Creating the life I deserve took and still takes a lot of effort every single day (almost every ounce of effort I have) . And it will for the rest of my life or until we have a cure. I don't know (or care) if life or fibro is fair or not. I'm just thankful I was able to grow past the victim stage. I think it's is a completely natural thing but you have to get past that. You just have to be willing to put in the work.

The only difference between someone that fails and succeeds at anything is: the person that succeeded never gave up. There is always hope and you are much stronger than you think!

Everyone, have a good weekend.

I don't think nightshades bother me but I'll have to keep an eye on them. Hmmm.