Fibro Fog: How do you manage it?

Greeting brothers and sisters,

I was just diagnosed with Fibro this week, but I am not new to Fibro.

I've been a massage therapist for 14 years, dedicated to chronic pain, specifically Fibromyalgia.

I have Psoriatic Arthritis, so I am familiar with flare ups and pain and all that... but this fibro fog is really new to me. I am in school for Chiropractic right now and I didn't know something was wrong with my mind until I failed two lab exams this past week. I made a 44% and 43% on exams I was previously getting 90's and 80s.

Does anyone have any guidance on how to manage the fibro fog?

When do you know the fog has lifted?

Is it a matter of just cognitive rest or pain management or both?

Fortunately, I've been granted permission to postpone my finals this week for the first week of classes in October, but I still need to study. I thought I really knew my stuff b/c I had studied so much but the exam proved otherwise - so now I'm afraid to study too soon before the fog lifts.

I've just started on Cymbalta on Friday and I was told that should help with the fibro fog - I'd just like some guidance from others who are living with this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Blessings to you!


Hello I found out I have fibro on 9/11/12 I was told it was lupus and have been goin thru many test and I now have a answer! I have been in pain for almost two yrs now I wish I could tell you it gets better so far it hasn’t for me! I have sleepless nites I tried crying but im over feeling sorry for myself I got some herbs they seem to help with some pain!

Hi, I was diagnosed in 1999 I with the help of very observant family members found that the fog is a prelude to the pain. Don't misunderstand, I am always in pain but, the fog is my warning to "Hold on, Here we go!!" I don't have any advice how to stop it, I do know during the fog I am unable to come up with words or certain information. However, the info is in there I just can;t retrieve it at that moment. I wouldn't stop studying, you should be able to retain the info. Just test after it has passed. Good luck all