Fibromyalgia: Options for coping. Mayo Clinic

Here are some positive recommendations for coping with Fibro from some of the experts!

Thanks. Those are really good reminders. Sometimes we forget and start letting negativity creep in. It likes to do that to us.

These are great! Thanks for sharing!

I appreciate that Mayo understands that distractions like a funny movie or a good book help to take our mind off our pain. I sometimes feel guilty about my fun distractions, but these keep me from feeling my pain for an hour or two and that helps me keep my sanity!

Aliana and I were kind of on the same wave length with this! Hers may even be better than the mayo clinic!

I finally managed to open the link! It had some good suggestions, SK. The part about not doing too much negative talk self-talk is good too, or else the illness owns you. I have a hard job and some days it seems impossible to finish the deliveries because I hurt so much. But I do what the list suggests and self-pace, just thinking of completing the next stop and KNOWING I'll eventually finish. Some of the people getting the meals get cranky that I, the substitute driver, am slower than the real driver, but I just remind them I'm not familiar with the route. I don't tell them that at some points I'm so bushed and beaten by the pain that I don't think I can make it. I push to make it and I have made it. Might not be forever but at least today is done.