Filing for disability trouble

I've been very frustrated with the social security department in my area. I have been denied twice already and this time they said it was because I don't have enough earned income credits to qualify. I'm still waiting for a decision on my SSI claim but wanted to know if I got a lawyer involved would this make any difference on the disability denial?

Hello Everyday Stronger,

Sorry to hear about the frustrations you are experiencing. Sadly I cannot offer any advice just to maybe check other threads on this site concerning disability etc.Hope you are able to resolve this soon, as stress and worry are not helpful for this condition.

Take care, Anne

Hi EverydayStronger I am sorry I don't have personal experience in this area. I do know that most people on here will recommend if you do decide on a lawyer it is a good idea to find a local one (and not one from the TV). Hugs!

I could not go on SSD because I didn't have enough points in my history of working (One accumalates points for every year you work) . I receive SSI. I didn't have a lawyer I had a Case Management Worker, thru the Dept of Human Srvcs.