ssi denied me twice. I’m a little scared! Well a lot scared… I’m afraid the doctor isn’t noting my symptoms correctly or understanding. I’m not sure what the next phase is… any advice, suggestions would be helpful

Have you requested office notes from the doctors who you list on the application? I haven’t filed paperwork yet, but will be doing so soon. I asked for copies of my primary physician who put in his notes as far back as 1989 that he thought I had fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression. But …he never said a word to me! I found out after a workers comp report came back to me. Surprise! When I confronted him about it he stated he didn’t want to label people. Really? I’m not sleeping, going to work in pain with migraines, etc. and he wasn’t honest with me.

Hopefully, they won’t charge you for the copies. Some hospitals or offices do. This way you can read what they noted on each visit. I saw things and was shocked! If I came in with a severe migraine needing a shot, he would write that I seemed to be severely depressed. Why, because I was crying due to the pain, over sensitive smell and noise? So be prepared for what you will find.

I would appeal the decision and keep at it. Rarely does anyone get approval on the first or second attempt. There are sites with information on the Internet and I believe there’s a sub group on this site pertaining to applying for benefits. There’s always the option of seeking a lawyer, but then they get a good chunk of the settlement.

Keep trying - your day will come! hugs~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Posyesmom, are you using an SSDI lawyer? If not, I would STRONGLY urge you to do so. They know exactly what the SSDI office is looking for and they know how to write up your application in a manner that best reflects your ailment in a way that the SSDI office wants to hear. When I had my case, I was told that with my SSDI lawyer, my chances of winning my case was 50-50 on the first try. It shot up to 80 percent by the third time - the appeal. I think those are pretty good odds myself. I've heard it said so many times, having a lawyer who knows the SSDI process is crucial to getting approved.

Also, did you get something specific as to why you were turned down? If so, can you ask your doctor about what he put down? i have to admit that I know NOTHING about this except to say that if asking your doctor might peeve him, then please don't. Your treating doctor needs to be your best friend, as he will be the one who writes the notes that will hopefully get your disability approved.

i hope that others respond, so you can get plenty of input on how to proceed. I do know about the lawyer aspect but really don't know beyond that because my case was approved on the first go round.

Gentle hugs to you,


Thx to you both. I haven’t been more scared about my future than now. I look to Jesus… but great idea about my drs notes. do you think it’s ok to email him and let him know that I was denied twice? and may be due to his notes?

You have to tread carefully there, as many doctors have really big egos and take offense easily. Do you have another doctor you're going to who can also add his notes to the first doctor's? If so, you might want to visit him and mention that you're trying for SSDI and could he help you? If not, then I'd try to word a message to the first doctor very carefully - and maybe call the office (instead of emailing) and leave the message with his assistant. Something like you're very grateful for his help and notes but SSDI seems to want things spelled out more specifically in the notes, so could he please add some information that more clearly states your illness and your symptoms.

Again, a lawyer helps so much in this regard. And since this is the third time, I think it's rather important that you have all of your ducks lined up in a row on this attempt. Because beyond your doctor's notes, your application itself needs to state very clearly the extent of how your life has been impacted by this illness and how you are disabled from it. The lawyers do a good job on this end.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I know how important this is!

I think it would be good to let him know you’ve been denied twice. But don’t accuse him of being the one that isn’t getting approval. I would ask nicely if he could possibly write a letter to SS or put something in your chart that would make a reference that he dies by believe you are capable of working anytime in the future. If he wants to see you again, then make an appt. so he can see you face to face and remember who you are. They see so many patients, they don’t always remember your whole history. Your faith will help you with this - hugs ~ Sandi :slight_smile:

not using an attorney

well not sure how to answer. I have disability through my previous employer and they are doing it for me

My long term disability just got approved yesterday by my employers insurance company and one if the stipulations is I have to apply for SSD as soon as possible. I question how receptive SS will be when they see I’ve only stopped working at the end of May! I don’t understand how the insurance company is doing it for you? I was told that I could receive LTD for 2 years, unless SSD gives me benefits, then I could receive the difference of my salary and SSD benefits for 6 years. If I don’t get SSD after 2 years my benefits stop. In my opinion, I wouldn’t think the insurance company is going to advocate for me because then they could stop paying. I’d get some clarification from the insurance company.

Thx again.wise words. I’m setting him today.

I have a great dr. he stated that everything we do and discuss together goes in the notes. so I have to find out why the denial. I will talk to the ppl handling my case and see what’s up. Thx

I too was denied twice and i haven't been able to work for a yr & a 1/2. It's very difficult for me to just stand at the sink for 5 min. just to do the dishes ugh! but i do think u should get a lawyer hun, when i was denied it stated the reason was occasional discomfort does not apply to disability, which is crazy because occasional discomfort does not exist in my world, its more like severe pain 24/7 with little to no relief. & i'm not sure where they even got that info i have seen alot of doctors & specialist & them 2 words were never said. So i got me a lawyer not too long ago & praying she can help me. It's a hard case to prove because there is no test that can confirm thats what u have, but with no job or medical insurance she is my last hope. Try a lawyer they know way more about how to get help then we do ourselves :) good luck sweety!

I know it's hard. they said that I can do my job. if I could do my job I would be. for my understanding the people that review our apps are high school grads! well I have an appt with the group that is doing it and will see what happens. good luck to you!

I would strongly suggest getting a disability lawyer, I just recently won my case and probably wouldn’t have if not for him.

congratulations sharon. that gives me hope. anyobe know of a good lawyer?

Not sure where you live but I’m in Alabama and I used Pitts and Zanaty

Thx Sharon… I’m in Oregon.