Finding a work at home job

I have been trying to find a job that is not a scam where I can work from home when I feel good. Does any one have any ideas? I have a BS in business, but I am currently on SSDI. It helps pay the bills, but does not leave much room for emergencies. I would get a part time job but don't know how much I could make with out loosing my SSDI. It took 2 years and an attoreny to get it. But if I could find a job that I could do from home, on my good days, I would feel better about myself. Thanks for the help.


I know I posted a link to this before but it got knocked out. I hope it's allowed, as it's a legitimate site to go to in order to learn how to do things. The site is E-How.

Note: E-How is a separate site from the places it mentions as work sources, as far as I am aware. E-How is an online site that tells you how to make things, write resumes, etc. It's a reputable site.

Here's the article:

Legitimate Home-Based Jobs

By Julie Richards, eHow Contributor
Legitimate Home-Based Jobs thumbnail Leigitmate home-based jobs require a quiet area to work.

Legitimate home-based jobs exist, and with research you can weed out the real jobs from the scams. Legitimate employers require tax forms to be signed and notarized. These forms are kept on file so your earnings are reported and you receive a W-4 or schedule 1099 tax form at the end of the year. The only fee a legitimate home-based company may charge is for a background check prior to employment. Work-at-home scams promise untold wealth within days of starting the job. A legitimate employer pays a realistic salary for honest work. Job opportunities vary, and so do the hours. Some companies offer only seasonal work, while others provide as much work as you desire.

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  1. Telemarketing

    • Telemarketing jobs are available from companies like West At Home and Live-Ops for inbound calls from clients. 1-800-Flowers offers seasonal work to home-based telemarketers. Searching the Internet for "at-home agents" yields many such companies. Other telemarketing jobs include working as a telephone actress or for psychic hot lines. If you work as a telemarketer from home, you must have broadband Internet access and a dedicated telephone line. Most companies do not allow you to use a cellular telephone to handle work calls. The legitimate companies provide training and monitor your progress. From your remote location, your computer accesses the company's mainframe and a script and work screen appear on your monitor. The training includes how to read the scripts and how to navigate through the work screens.


    • The Internet is a gateway to information, from recipes to how to plant an herb garden. This information is provided by experts who write from their home computers. Legitimate home-based jobs are available from companies like Demand Studios and Seed, who offer skilled writers weekly compensation for quality web content. Website owners also pay writers to provide blog posts and articles for their sites. Freelance job sites have job listings for clients who need ghostwriters for e-books and other content. The pay is negotiated between the client and the freelance writer.

    Online Tutoring

    • Tutoring jobs are available online through companies like and The companies hire teachers and college students to provide support for elementary through first-year college students. The tutoring position lets you work from home. Other online tutoring jobs exist through companies like and Online tutoring companies might require that you create a curriculum for your students and keep it updated.

    Home Party Planning

    • Mary Kay Cosmetics and popular plastic container brands both got their start by direct selling through a home party plan. Hundreds of companies, like Pampered Chef and Scentsy, have representatives selling their products at home parties. As a representative, you work from home and schedule parties, where you give a sales presentation. You make a percentage of the sales from the party. Some direct sales companies provide you with a website so your customers can order any time. Most home party planning companies require that you buy a starter kit that includes enough supplies to host your first party. The benefit to this type of work is you earn money every time someone buys a product. The downside is finding customers to host the parties.

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Thank you for the help. I have not had a chance to look into it yet. Have been trying to get help from SWIRCA - South West Indiana Regional Council on Aging, but they also help people who are on disability like me. They are sending someone out for a in-home visit to see what I can qualify for. They have access to resources that hopefully I can get. The program that I thought that was going to help us put in a new furnace will not, ours die, but I was able to nurse it along until we did not need it, because we live in a moble home that is not on a foundation. Went to the site and found several agencies and grants that I might be able to use. It seems if it is one thing it is another.