Has anyone found LEGITIMATE work at home?

I have seen millions of ads for computer work at home but they all seem to be scams. I've been on disability for over a year, but I still think I could put in some time each day on the computer to try and make ends meet. I can't work outside the home because this condition is too unpredictable and so then I'm too unreliable. I feel useless and bored and I need something to keep me going and feel like I'm part of something !!!

Any ideas ? Anyone ?

I think there are some legit jobs for phone sales people who work from home. In fact, here's a link from e-how, a site that tells you how to do things, from A-Z. It has some useful info:


Hope this helps you out!

Thanks so much. If your interested, I'll let you know how it goes after I check it out. Have a great weekend.

Yes, please do pass anything along if it works out. I have no idea about these companies but hope you find something from one of them. I know how scary it is to go without a paycheck and how important it is to still work as you can. I hope this works out for you. If not, have you thought of trying to be a dealer and sell things on Ebay?

I have thought about that, because I have a bunch of things that I've collected over the years that are now just collecting dust but are still good. It's the thought of trying to pull things from the closet and packing to ship then going to the post office etc etc. If you have Fibro I think you can get the picture. On a good day, maybe, but as I said earlier, I can't make commitments because I never know when I'll be up or when I'll be down or for how long. On e-bay promptness in shipping is important. I've been told to concentrate on the things I can do and not my limitations but when I think about doing something I must be realistic too. But thanks for the thought. I hope your doing well.

Yeah, the shipping part had occurred to me. But maybe you could sell small items, like necklaces. And you can pay for shipping online, so just pop in your mailbox. Just a thought. But yeah, definitely schlepping boxes when you feel lousy is not a pleasant thought.