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Does anyone work from home? I been off work for 30 days now & I'm so bored. It doesn't look like I will be going back to work either, so I have an appointment with an Attorney to discuss SSD

Hi,'I have been trying to do crafts and such to sell on Etsy, but the Fibro interferres so much I havent had much lucky. But I keep trying....


I would say that you should use your passions to engage you whether it be writing, painting, playing an instrument, something like that. You also might want to think about spending time here to volunteer. Sharing your journey and experiences or just guiding members through the community. I know that physically I can't do much but I can share my experiences and compassion here and feel like I've helped some. There are also many sub-groups here that you might find fun.I am a member of fibro penfriends and it's so much fun to write to someone overseas and then to get a letter, that's so much fun. Stuff like that...give something a try and if it's not working for you try something else...just keep trying.

Let me know if I can help any. Be sweet to yourself today!

Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

Hi GramGram, I am sorry you are hurting that much. Don't give up hope as this world is changing so rapidly to more online work than ever. I don't know what your talents are but there is just so much out there. So many computer skills are needed and sales etc. All done from home. Good luck.

I still have a full time job but I end up staying home alot, out on FMLA leave. On the days when I’m stuck in bed but can’t sleep I get bored. Of course there is the loss of pay too so I found sites where you can do online surveys and watch videos to make money. There are some scams but there are some legitimate ones. I’m not promoting anything…just my options I found. Anyway I can do them at my pace and when I feel like it. There are also some apps for smartphones where you take pictures of your store receipts and earn money. It adds up slowly but so simple and it’s a few extra bucks here and there. Few little things like that help me make a little extra, help pass the time. Keep my mind occupied so I’m not feeling stir crazy just staring at the TV.

Where can I get the info for this stuff. I need to start thinking about working from home. My office is closing and I’m thinking about just taking that as an opportunity to start the ssd process but may need to supplement.

I used to sell used books and vhs movies from home, until the economy and the almost overnight switch to DVDs in the marketplace (one month vhs tapes were selling great, the next they weren't selling at all)--that was about 5 years ago. I was ready to quit anyway, to much work! Now I work on the websites of a few May Kay Directors--making the pages look nice, keeping things organized and creating flyers and invitations to their events. Not much money, but it's something. With the Mary Kay Directors sites all I need is a basic knowledge of HTML, which I learned after the fibro hit. I would like to make more money, but don't have the energy to take on more Directors.

Not sure if this helps, just putting in my 2 cents worth.

Kimberly :)

I forgot to mention that we have a "Working at Home" group here on the site:

Where did you learn the HTML? A book, a class, a friend?

I have always wanted to work at home. My whole office keeps pushing to let us go home. I think in the next few years I will be able to. But it's really hard to find info for real work at home jobs. I think you take a skill or learn a skill and turn it into a business. Something you could make or craft and sell on etsy. Or web design. Or learn photoshop and design digital cover art for ebooks.

I had to stop working because of limited mobility. I do arts and crafts progects, am working on writing books, have joined a few groups, which sometimes I can't make because I'm in too much pain or brain fog.I get out in the garden and work in the dirt when I can, but the ground is still frozen here. I am awaiting my SSD as well, so I'm living on savings. Housework is a "challenge".The gardening is in short bursts too. I see my Network chiropractor every once in a while. I watch comedy specials on Netflix which is part of my rehab, as laughing is imperative to adrenal rehab. There is a thing called "Laughing Yoga" I think it holds promise for FM as an alternative to drugs. I am lonely for good girlfriends. Really, this makes me so sad.But my attitude is that I'll be healthy again one day and this whole thing is a "detox" from a lifetime of stress. I think that if you don't have a positive attiude tward healing, it has much less of a chance of ever happening. Maybe I'm in denial? But I heard of the term "narapoid" once. Defined, playfully, as having the feeling that things are happening for your benefit, as opposed to "paranoid". I choose to take this approach. As far as bordom: Look at this as an opportunity to find out where your passion is. Search for it in everything you do. Take up a hobby that engages you, no matter how stupid you think it might be, if it brings you happiness, it's good. I rehab Barbies then give them away, but I'm getting tired of that now and am starting other creative progects. Volunteer? Holding babies in orphanges is very fulfilling, I've heard.

Narapoid... I like it! Thanks for posting, NIR.

I wish I could stay home. I'm a nurse and have to work 30 hours a week to get health insurance.

I work 12 hour shifts and it nearly kills me and I'm on the couch on my days off.

Wish I could stay home from work.

Gramgram. I was wondering the same thing. I use to work 45 to 55 hours a week before this Fibro stuff. I am so bored at times that I will go looking for a part time job and then I remind myself I cannot stand, sit, or walk long, only 30 min at the most, so I know I cannot hold down a job. Maybe a work at home at my own pace would be good.

I have been working at home for almost a year now. I was working for an outpatient surgery center, and the staff there was next to impossible to get along with. Unfortunately, the gal that I worked with was incredibly high strung and was always throwing me under the bus. I’d had it. My husband and I discussed it, and I gave them my notice and left without even having another job lined up. We lived on savings for about three months while I looked for the perfect job. I went on a few interviews, and turned down a few offers, with nothing really falling into the “what I am looking for” category.

Finally, I got a call from a company that had noticed my resume online, and they asked me to interview. The job was exactly the sort of work I was looking for, and most of the work was at home. It would really accommodate my physical needs (I also have psoriatic arthritis). I got the job, and is am so very happy with it. I am a care coordinator for patients, and get to work on the preventive side of health care, which is a wonderful thing. I absolutely love what I am doing, and it’s really rewarding. Instead of treating patients when they are really too sick to do much with, I get to help them turn their health around before it’s too late. I spend about 70-80% of my time at home and the rest of the time I am either in meetings with my docs, or meeting patients at their check up appointments with their primary doc. The bulk of my time is spent on the computer or phone in the comfort of my home. My schedule is also very flexible, so when I get my Remicade infusion every month, as long as I bring my laptop so I can work, I don’t have to take any leave. If I need a nap in the afternoon, I can take it and make up the time later in the day.

The SSDI won’t be an overnight process, so in the interim, it might be good to start looking. Maybe you can train for a new career that can be done from home. You may get lucky and find something even better than what you were doing before that also accommodates your physical needs, and end up not needing SSDI.

I wish you the best, from the grumpiest of kitties

Thank you GrumpyCat.

This is really good, but I think the main thing I got from it was the same thing I hear from everyone else that works at home. Meaning, you worked in a field and got your skill and then finally landed a job or converted your job into a work at home situation. I am hoping my job turns into it soon. My organization has work at home right now, just not my job title. I hope my job title will transfer into work at home soon. But for people who are not working in a field that can transfer over to work at home can't seem to find any positions. I know I search the internet and there is nothing to be found to work at home. Actually, I just thought about maybe doing a search on monster or something for telework and see what fields come up.

I do the same thing due to boredom & feeling guilty that I'm not helping out financially, then like you I remember I can't. This sucks

I did that search and found this . Don't know if anyone has used it or not. They charge a fee to use the site to get all the info on all the jobs, but some jobs you can see for free. I guess maybe the company pays for that or something. Don't know.

Hi, I used to work at home a lot as a freelance writer and editor, and virtual assistant, but there are actually a lot of sites to find various work at home honest work. Depends on what type of work you are looking for.

Virtual Vocations that was mentioned has some great listings but yes you do have to pay to get the full benefit. Perhaps you could try, or first. They are just three free sites that have job listings that are legitimate. This link will also give you a list of work at home options, but for some you have to show proof of disability:

I understand how you feel. I try to keep my mind occupied with brain games and riddles and such, because I hate that I seem to be in a fog a lot, and I am scared of going back to work and not being able to think clearly to do my job (as is what happened a couple years ago before my dx and I ended up losing an editing job I was in love with. My heart is still broken over that. Thanks, fibromyalgia!). I try to read and listen to audio books, and try to retain what I am reading/hearing. I am hoping that will help me get back into book reviewing, which is a good work at home thing that can help you make money and keeping you from overusing your body.