Frontal neck pain for the first time

Hi everybody,
Hope everyone is having a fantastic pain-free day.
One question- Since sunday Ive been experiencing severe pain on the frontal left side of the neck. I feel like swallowing is difficult (it might be my imagination) and touching the exact spot is horribly painful, Ifeel like someone is choking me. I am also very scared and panicky about it.

Is this normal? How many of you have it, as I usually only had severe pain on the back of the neck.
Any idea for relief?

I feel awful

Thanks Tracy,
I just got my thyroid hormones checked 4 weeks ago and everything came back fine. I’ll try to get to my Doctor as soon as possible anyway.

Dear Ivana

I am so sorry that you have a new pain. It is so hard for you because you live alone and you received no information about fibromyalgia when you were diagnosed. For that reason and for support I am so glad that you found us. A new pain can certainly cause us to be alarmed and stresses us. The stress can make the pain feel more harshly. The pain I have in my neck is at the back going up and down the neck. It is on both sides of my neck and is specially painful after I have been sitting at my computer or watching TV and keeping my head in a certain position. When I move my neck the pain is sharp. I use heat on it and that helps. I also have a medicated cream that I put on it when I go to bed.

Heat is what I would suggest. If you could put some heat on it and then try to relax. Do some deep breathing to help you relax.

Please come back tomorrow and let us know how you are feeling.

Love and gentle hugs


Hi Ivana,

I would get this checked by the doc, I'm an ex-nurse and it could be an inflamed gland, they can be stimulated by touch, which makes it worse, by touching it regularly can make it more inflamed.

Also, you say you feel awful....glands become active if you're body is fighting off a virus, I have seen inflamed glands as big as a golf ball before!

Is it just below your jaw bone? It could also be an inflamed, infected salivary gland.

Best to get it checked as it may not be a fibro related problem especially as you say the exact area is very painful.

Hope you feel better soon.

Much love,

Lucy xx