FRUSTRATED! Want to scream!

I am 20 still living with my parents who both work full time jobs while I take care of the house , my little sister & other odds & ends! I have to say I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of my Loving family! But… I feel as if I’ve been sick so long that they don’t take it as seriously as they did in the beginning… I mean for example today I told my dad I needed help dealing with this illness I dk what to do anymore… I’m becOming hopeless… & he didn’t have but 2 words to say & they didn’t help any… I guess I am just having a horrible day!.. & I remember when I was first diagnosed I felt like I had all the support in the world but as time has went by I’ve lost some…I’m just tired & stressed…

You know what… Your right… I guess I just take my frustrations out on them…
& I shouldn’t… Thank you so much you made it more clear to
Where I could understand! Im not a parent myself but my dog is my baby & when he doesn’t feel good it breaks my heart that I can’t help & I know my parents feel even worse than that they just wish they could take the pain away… Your right thank you so much! I appreciate your

Dear Kinsey,

Unfortunately we all go through this with someone, and there are most certainly more than one of those someones. That is why we are now 800 strong in membership in this very group! Here is a very wise young lady who came up with such great coping skills and even better explaining skills for us all, she says it better than anyone I know, you can also listen to her on youtube. Perhaps you could print this and hang it somewhere in the house for all to see.

Please don't ever think that no one understands, please! We are here for YOU!

Big hugs, and many spoons,


Kinsey, you said that your parents were supportive in the beginning. I'm sure they thought they would have some tools to work with and use to help you, instructions from the doctor, like you would have with another type of disease. But fibromyalgia is one conditions that the doctor's don't even know what to do for. So your parents must feel totally helpless at times for not knowing what to do for their own daughter. It's a new thing for them too. That's why the more YOU learn about fibromyalgia, the better chance you have of helping yourself and you might not feel as lost. Possibly your parents can pick up some understanding of it little bit at a time too. I'm sure they're both working they are stretched to their limit in many ways.

Just keep pluggin along like we all do and pray that the researchesr are quick at getting to root of this fibro problem.

You can have some of my spoons too, :")


I think that as mystified as we are by this illness, so too are our loved ones who cannot feel it and only can take our word for how lousy we feel. And if you didn't experience this illness yourself, would you ever believe that such a subtle illness was possible? An illness that causes pain but leaves no scars or damage to joints or bones...yeah, it's hard to wrap your mind around.

I know our loved ones care about us but it must be frustrating to see someone who LOOKS well but who always says they are in pain. Truly, this is one cruel illness!

Your exactly right I was just speaking out of anger! They are stretched to their limit & I know they will do whatever they can for help! Thanks again allergic!

Your right… Never thought of it like that… If I didn’t have the disease I probably wouldn’t believe it myself! Unfortunately! Thank you so much that helped tons!
-xoxo kinsey

Thank you so much! I will def look into her!! Thanks again!

I totally understand and experience the same too. We probably all do. It's like they get sick of hearing it. Sympathy doesn't always last very long with some people. Thats why we have to kick them into touch sometimes. Don't feel guilty about it; its all part of the process. lol.

Sometimes, though, they feel helpless too and don't know what to do to help their "little girl". It's difficult for our families too, to accept that we will not get better and they need to make adjustments too.

I'm sorry you're finding it hard, and you're tired and stressed too. Fibromyalgia has it's own way of taking us on its own journey without consulting us first! You will have better days too. Try to get as much rest as you can and stay positive.