Full Flare what does it mean?

My doctor tells me I'm in full flare what does this mean he don't explain things to me and he also told me things will just get worse. I feel so lost and alone five months ago I was able to do things with very little pain now I have to wear braces on both hands and a back brace and I'm in a lot of pain daily. Just feel alone:(

Awwww, I'm sorry, Lisa. This illness does really knock us for a loop. As you say, one minute you're fine and the next you've got a lot of problems and pains.

A full flare means that you're experiencing a lot of pain and other symptoms of fibro, which can include forgetfulness, fatigue, dizziness, etc. It usually lasts for several days and then lessens.

I don't know if things will get worse. The illness tends to ebb and flow. You feel dreadful sometimes, and then you feel good sometimes. It seems that the more you push yourself to do things the more you flare. Weather also does it for a lot of us, as does stress.

My rheumatologist said that a lot of research is going on right now for fibro and that new meds will be available in the not too distant future (5 years or less, he thinks.)

I know that doesn't change things but I hope it helps a little bit. Please feel free to ask any other questions here and we'll try and help you with them.

Gentle hugs,


Thank you it does help to hear from others that are going through the same thing. Seems my kids and family still don't understand. Thanks Lisa

That seems to be a common problem. People simply do not understand this illness. They see us looking okay and think because we look okay that we feel okay. It just doesnt work that way. But people don't know that.

I'm glad some of my info helped you. This is a good place to come to find others with the same issues.

Petunia explained it well… Full flare means you’re being hit with a bunch of symptoms and pain. Symptoms will come and go over time and you might feel perfectly fine tomorrow. Or the flare may last a bit longer.

Some things I do to feel better:
-taking a hot shower or bath
-taking medication
-chatting with folks on this site
-laying on my heated mattress pad
-playing with my dog

I think that if you look around on the site, you will get some ideas how to feel better during this flare. Also, a good description of potential symptoms.

I know how isolating it can be- but you’re not alone. You have joined a great site and will make friends with people who understand what you’re going through. Reach out to me anytime as you have questions. (I am online much of the time)

I don’t agree with your dr that your fibro will get worse. Everybody is different and it is not right that he didn’t explain himself very well (and made you feel worse). Your dr doesn’t have a crystal ball!

Sorry for the short response, I’m in a flare myself and my fingers are really painful. :frowning:

Take care,


Dear Lisa,

Honey, you are not alone. We are here for you, all of us, we understand how you feel, we will do all we can for you, so sorry you are going through this!

The link above is a good place to start. It will start to explain Fibro, and what a flare means. It is a good starting place for you and your family.

I hope this info helps, I will talk to you anytime.

Sending you WELL wishes,