Has anyone been on the med Gabapenitn? If so did it help and what were your side effect? My doc is talking about maybe trying me on it instead of my savella since I have been in a flair since may and nothing has helped. Thanks for the feedback.

I tried it for a few days. It seemed to help with the pain but I got a bad headaches from it so couldn't stay on it.

Hope this works for you and helps with the pain!

Hi Becca, I am on neurontin and it is has helped me a lot. Before I started taking it I was basically bedridden. It has helped a lot, especially if you have any neuropathy type pain. You have to be patient if you start it because you have to start on a small dose and work your way up. One advantage of neurontin is that it is also a mood stabilizer/ antidepressant. It was actually developed as a seizure medication but they have found that it has these other qualities. Good luck with it and I hope you get some relief.