Getting Afraid to Drive?!?!

If you have to travel quite a distance, and it sounds like you will have to, is it possible to hire an ambulance to get you home or some type of medical transport? If they do your lumbar spine first I would start calling around to find out. I laid across the back seat of our Sable to get home from the hospital. It was only 25 miles and it was NOT fun. It was impossible to explain to people that it wasn't that I did not want to sit up, it was that I could not sit up. Absolutely no way. With your additional problems the doctors should be able to vouch for you in needing help afterward. Maybe insurance could help with that. Do not plan on sitting for awhile after the surgery. My neurosurgeon didn't warn me about this part and it made me angry. I hope I'm a weirdo and your case is different. But, I do want you to be warned.

Thank you, SK. I love the Pacifica's. What a beautiful car. I bet it is a smooth ride.

After my rheum appt on Tuesday, I am going to seek out a cognitive psychologist. I'm not sure what that means in regards to my driving. Not even sure what they do. I know they won't cure fog! I want to talk with some professionals before giving up driving completely. Because I live in the sticks and my two grand child families are hours from me in opposite directions I really do want to seek some help with this. I can physically do it. Once I'm in my car, I'm good and usually pretty comfortable. My husband got me a GMC Yukon two years ago, it's a 2007 with all the bells and whistles. I've wanted to sell it up until now. I realize it's a bit extravagant and has really stretched our budget, but I'm not going to find anything more comfortable and secure. When I do have family in the car it feels safe. Besides that, it's just like my daughters, they're black, and we look like the presidential motorcade when we're driving together! LOL! Like yours I've got all my controls at my hands.

But, for now, I'm going to take the bus to Emily's and Ashley's when I go. In fact Em is coming here next week for a change! Plus there is no driving I have to do that's in busy traffic and I have some really special friends I can call on if I do have to go somewhere intense.

Oh, Rattled, that sounds like an awful accident. And to go through surgeries and not be fixed? I'm sorry. That's probably not going to get better is it?

Yeah, there's no sidewalks where I live either. I would love to have sidewalks. Even though it's rural I live off of a road that many people travel. I don't like walking it. So, I usually drive somewhere to walk. Silly, huh?

Those ambulances ride like old buckboards, so I will be far better in my car, lying face down, I'm sure!

The Psychologist I saw dedicated her practice to 'resilience' and she was such a life saver to me! Again, the drive got to be just too much, plus I felt like I was just 'talked out'! She wanted to hang onto me, and I was ready to be cut loose!

If you feel secure in your Yukon, then by all means hang onto it, we need some extravagance when it comes to car riding, and driving, and intimidation can surely work to our advantage sometimes! ha!

My Ranger was black, my husband's Ram and trailer are black, here where we live, we looked like the Mennonites! LOL! My car is red though, so we broke that image! As far as colors, sometimes you just have to take what you get, that was the case with most of our vehicles. We got the last Pacifica on the lot!

There you go, take the bus, make sure you have some muscle relaxers in you, that will not be the luxury ride you are used to, but you will not have the stress of driving either, always a trade off, you know!

Good that you have those willing to drive you. I'm glad my hubby will take me anywhere I need to go.

Good talking to you, and thank you again for sharing your surgery experience with me! Sandi and Geranium have also helped me. I am over the initial shock/tears response, now I'm after the information.

Looks like the lumbar could be a decompressive Laminectomy, who knows about the neck, they may not do both at the same time either, and we have yet to look at the area between the neck and the lumbar.

Wishing you a good night!

Love and hugs,


mmom1, better to be over aware than a person who just steps off the curb and into traffic! Sounds like you may want to keep aware if you have the crazy's around. But, sidewalks are made for us to walk on. It sounds like maybe you could use a cane for stability and security. Then I bet you might feel better. Try one. See if it helps.

Petunia, you are so sweet. I appreciate your understanding and hugs and especially shared tears. This is a tough one.

I'm not ready to hang it up yet. I've had a friend with fibro recommend a cognitive psychologist. If my insurance will pay for it, I'm going to see what they, she, he, it can do for me. Maybe nothing. I will be sure to let you know what it's like and if I feel I gain any ground.

Meanwhile, I'm on high caution. I am not driving over that mountain alone again, barring a miracle. I will also have some one drive me if I need to go somewhere intense. For most of my outings I drive rural roads until I get to a nearby town and I can just about enter that town from any side and get most things done without getting into traffic. I guess that's pretty lucky.

Writing this discussion topic and getting all the great responses has really made me more aware and I will drive accordingly, more aware or not at all, if it's a foggy, bad day.

Gentle hugs back to you.


Hae, my Rattled friend. You have a good routine. I like it. Most people aren't out until noon or so, unless to go to work. It would be better to go out early. I'm going to give some more counseling a try too. I don't think I can give it up all together yet.

You're right; everything is not always perfect. I'm going to do the best I can. Thank you for your input. I wish we could go for a ride together! LOL!!! What a hoot! I'd take you to the mall.

Hugs xo,


I'll let you all know how the counseling goes for me. I am excited to try someone new with a new focus. You be safe Victoria.



I hope it helps. What happens to me is two separate issues. First, I have fatigue in the muscles that control the actual stability of my eyes. So one will slightly list to the side like a lazy eye. I had this prior to fibro but could refocus easily. The second issue is the actual control of the pupil dilation not having proper response.

This happens a lot. Especially if I have a beer. Obviously, if i drink I am not driving but it effects my coordination and causes some headaches. I am going to the opthmalogist again to have it checked and possibly go to a specialist that trains individuals with brain injuries who have the same symptoms.

I also have issues with my peripheral vision. When driving i have to look very closely at all stops to ensure that the pedestrians are not entering the street and that the cars on other lanes are not rolling. I often have others drive since I have to work SO hard to be sure of what is around me.

But sadly, my disability insurance says I can work and do a job with 8 hrs of driving including driving children to supervised parental visits for DHS....

um no

there is no one who will hire me to do those jobs on Fentynal

Just a thought but if any are having problems with driving should check if you are covered by motor vehicle insurance. I know I have to declare all problems to insurance company or they will not cover you in event of accident.

  • That's a good thought, annann. Thank you.

That's amazing, Lyra. It is frightening to think that you claimed this with disability and are still allowed to drive children for a government agency. The two different agencies have no idea what the other is doing, do they? If there ever were an accident, God forbid, could you get in trouble or would you be able to put the responsibility back on somebody...who?

my doctor just laughed.

She said she trusts my judgement on when I can drive and knows I will just stay home when dont feel safe.