Fibro-fog: talking while on autopilot--does anyone else do this?

This may seem like a silly problem but it has gotten me in trouble numerous times. When I get tired I start chattering away in autopilot. I don't know I am doing it, or half of what I am saying or what I am talking about. I have been informed by a kind friend that my neighbors are wondering if something is wrong with me (well there is, but how to explain it without bending their ear again???) Several times I was so far into fibro-fog that I didn't even know I was talking at all! The next day someone will say: "Did you know you talking for an hour about movie directors" or whatever it was I was chattering about. Sometimes I realize I have been doing it...after I say something I never meant to say :(

I so hope I am not the only one who does this, I feel like such an idiot at times!!!

Replies, please!!! I need to know I am not the only crazy person around.

Thanks all!!!!!

Hi Kimberly. You have me wondering if either meds could be causing this? Or is it possible that you are having some cognitive problems? It sounds like the kind of thing that a neurologist would be able to help you with. They specialize in the brain and spine. At least they could answer your question. I personally haven't heard of this as a fibro symptom unless it's just that your fog is so bad that you don't remember? Let's see who else responds. Anything is possible with fibromyalgia and it can come with additional or secondary diagnosis.

You have a good friend there! One that's not afraid to be honest with you. Sounds like a keeper to me!



Thank for the reply, LKitty. I never thought of meds, I don't take much, just prozac and diazepam. I do the auto-pilot thing when driving too--I'll drive for 15 or 20 minutes and realize I am not going where I meant to go. It does sound like a cognitive prob, and I do have cognitive probs. Sometimes I can't understand what people are saying-the words sound like greek--then suddenly something clicks in my brain and I figure out what they said. And if I am over tired or overheated I will zone out--it's sort of like controlled fainting. I am told I just slip to the floor, my eyes will be wide open, but for me it's like my head blows up like a balloon, I hear a ringing in my ears, then I am gone for several minutes. I had that checked with MRI and all that stuff--nothing showed, doc shrugged. I have learned how to stop it when I feel it coming on. 25+ years of this, I have learned to handle a lot! ;)

Huugggss and thank for the suggestions, and the honesty, and the friendship :D

Kimberly :)

I do this... a lot... what amazes me the most is a lot of people do not seem to notice anything is weird... 95% of the time I am coherent and reply at the right time with the right words to keep a conversation going. I sometimes completely tune out of things and have to ask what we were talking about which is embarrassing, especially when people have been talking to my autopilot.

I also take diazepam, but very rarely... (less than one a month on average) and do not think I am any worse when I have taken it, that being said different people are different. Did the autopilot start after taking a specific medication or was it like it before? xx

Thank God, I was beginning to think I was the only one!! I know all about embarrassing, especially when it happens with someone who doesn't know a thing about fibro. Thank you for replying!!!!

Gentle hugs, Kimberly :)

I take it daily because of a separate diagnosis--agitated depression, I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks. The autopilot started before the meds, even before I was diagnosed. xo

I have done the auto pilot driving thing. Scary huh? To think of all the people driving around like this makes me crazy. It has gotten a little better since I have eliminated one of my antidepressants, effexor.

You be careful and remember it would not hurt to seek out a neurologist.

I have it for back pain and panic attacks too... It makes me feel dizzy when I take the 10 mg tablets if I'm honest. If you need to talk about these things feel free to add me xx

It is scary at times. Mine got better when my psychiatrist found the right meds for me (I have dysthemia and agitated depression). I sleep better now. I suppose I should see a neurologist...I hate doctors!

Gentle hugs :)

I have taken it so long I don't even know I am taking it..but I know when I am not! Thanks so much for your support, I have sent a friend request, is that the same as adding or do I have to do something else?


Why doesn't this forum have a spell-check? Of all people, we need it! lol ;)

Remember to always eat and drink water when you take the meds. It makes a difference for me. This explains some of the side effects of the diazepam. Just fyi.

Take care.

Got the request... as for the spell checker you can get it with your browser if you use something like Chrome or Opera xx

Thanks so much! I always eat and drink lots of water with meds.

Hugs :)

Great, I'm glad you got it :)

I don't like Chrome, it always crashes on me. I haven't tried Opera, I'll have to loook into it xo

Omg...I do this many times. The worse time is when I finally went to a job interview. I had a panel of three cops sitting in front of me. I thought I was brilliant in the but then I felt the fibro fog...I could see their lips moving; so they were talking to me but I couldn't shut up. I rambled and of course I thought I was being NOPE...did not get the job. I'm afraid to go on another job interview...I know that I have to cut down on caffiene for sure; it can kick up and add to the excessive talking. Yes, should get to know all the meds you take and side effects; see if any of them have ingredients in them that can act like you have been drinking a pot of with your doctor. My doctor said to make sure I was taking my meds on a regular schedule time and stop the caffeine. grrrrrr Sometimes a cup of coffee helps me get going. lol See, now I'm typing excessively. LOL .....if we are crazy; then we are not alone. lol Sissy

I have a similar issue. If I'm tired or in pain (even worse if it's both), I will just ramble on and on. I also have those lovely brain locks/memory lapses where I forget what I was going to say or get stuck in the middle of a sentence because I just blank out. Luckily the latter doesn't happen too often. I get some goofy looks.

Hi Kimberley I used to do this in the last couple of years I worked. I would zone out when training a group of people or in meetings with managers and keep talking; think I must have made sense since no one ever commented on it,. Either that or they all thought I was nuts and were kind enough not to mention it. My friends and family know that I zone out fairly often or as my husband says “I’m chasing Butterflies”. or “I’m off in my own world again.” I find if I force myself to focus on what I’m doing or who I’m talking to I can sometimes correct this for short periods of time but it isn’t easy when you’re tired or in pain.

Fibro definitely helps make our worlds more interesting, never quite know what is going to happen next.

Gentle hugs

Thank you, Penwelle. I have not been diagnosed with PTSD, although your fugue state sounds like how I get when I am really much too tired. I haven't forgotten who I was, but once forgot where I was. I love your advice, to stay lighthearted and rest! I will do just that!

Very true, Sissy, we are not alone, thanks God! I had to give up caffeine years ago. I can take what is in chocolate, but not the amount in a cup of coffee or tea.

Yep, I know all about not being able to shut up. And I have embarrassed the heck out of myself a time or two. I try to remember to be aware of what I am doing, to pay attention. Most of the time I can do that, I have myself trained and organized to keep things like putting the car keys in the freezer to a minimum. The auto-talking is just one thing more to be aware of. Or at least keep my mouth shut when I am tired ;)