I am newly with fibro, I have hear talk about Fog. I would like to know more about it. I lose focus on thing that I am doing and hearing people can be hard. At times it is like a high fever. Is that what the fog is? Would realy like to know more on it.

Truly a great question! I'm guessing we probably all experience it differently but what you're describing sure sounds like it to me. I'll share what my experiences are, and hope others do, too, so we can see all of the various ways that it can affect fibro sufferers.

However, long ago I was also dxed with mild ADD so maybe some of my symptoms are ADD and not fibro:

For me, fibro fog is forgetfulness. Tell me something one minute and it goes right out the other ear the next minute. (ADD, yes, but has gotten worse over past few years.) Anymore I can't recall a word for a while (middle age?) Like you, I lose focus. Feel dizzy and light-headed (new!) Can't stand to watch and listen to tv at the same time (movies either), must either listen or turn down the sound (probably ADD.) Driving home last night I felt a mental fog descend upon me. Different than just being tired...almost felt like being in a fever. Almost like being outside of myself, but not really. Hard to explain. (new!)

Does any of this sound like what you're experiencing, Keith? To quote my last post to you, can you be a bit more specific please? I know it's kind of hard because the experience of the fog is rather difficult to put into words.

Thank for the reply,

It is hard for me to go into I have had no sleep for about 36hr. so I hope this will do. I to have forgetfulness and dizziness, I think some of that comes from a head injury. about 5yr. ago I had to go up against 3 guys with metal pipes. Home innovation. That is when all this started. Back to the fog. the best way to say it is you cant focus on any one thing. if some one is talking and the tv is going you don't hear ether of them. I will not drive, could not live with my self if I hurt some one, and movement in a car triggers it bad. Being lost and knowing you want to get a drink but don't know how to get it. I hate the way that sounds but that's the way it is. The out of body has happened from time to time but mostly feeling lost.

Sounds like it. I have issues with school because I often can’t read more than a few paragraphs without feelin overwhelmed an my brain shutting down. I forget things easily. And the dizziness is something that can be caused by fibro. Mine stopped when I got on Lyrica. And I was never diagnosed with add and I am 22 so I can safely say all of this is probably fibro.

Oh and feeling like you are “zoned out” or spaced out is something I experience as well

Hi whisperingwillow! Your post is interesting. Yeah, you're right, at 22 that's not the way it's supposed to be so it's gotta be the fibro. I'm wondering now if that's what it was for me way back when too. Have the same problem with reading and not remembering stuff after a few paragraphs.

Lyrica corrected the dizziness for you? Fantastic! One down, 25 more to go, eh? But still, the dizziness can be completely debilitating so I'm glad you've gotten that one under control.

Keith, again, I also wonder if you suffered damage to your brain during the home invasion? I have no idea if what your experiencing is all fibro or not. Have you talked to your doctor about this?