Had enough

Ive recently had Tonsilitis (a month ago) and I cannot at all pick up from it. I’m so exhausted, achy, faint and hve a numb feeling (not numb to touch, it’s hard to explain) in my body ALL the time. I’m so so so down and emotional it’s unreal, I feel so alone and it upsets me that everyone can get on with their lives yet I struggle to move from my bed and the greatest achievement for me at the minute it getting dressed! Can anyone else relate? I’ve really had enough now …

yes, I can. I was just thinking that I thought I'd feel better after I had a procedure done on my back to reduce the pain but I still feel a general sense of malaise (even before my ulcer went into overdrive.) Like I'm run down and still achy. Like you, I expected to feel much better but not yet. Maybe it just takes us far longer to recover from things now, all things, as a result of the fibro. It's possible that our body has irreversibly changed on a molecular level and we just can't see it.

You can't compare yourself to non-fibro people because it's like apples to oranges. Try to imagine if the world were to tell people who are paralyzed that they still need to do the same physical things as non-paralyzed people because they still have all of their limbs. It's the same thing in our case. We might LOOK the same as others but our medical condition is as irrevocably changed as is a paralyzed person's. Your body is clearly telling you it cannot do these things anymore and it doesn't matter what ANYONE else says to you. Your body doesn't lie.

Thanks for your reply, it makes a let of sense and you’re right it’s just so frustrating. Today is a horrible day I’m so tired I can’t move and I can barely feel my body, it just feels so spongy (like when you’re super tired) it doesn’t feel my own either. I hope you feel better and start to pick up soon xx