Has anyone had a uterine ablation?

I have to have a D&C, and uterine ablation on Friday, I have not had any kind of surgery since my fibro started 2 years ago, I’m scared that the pain will be unbearable, that the general anesthesia will effect my fibro. If I was having this pre fibro I wouldn’t be concerned at all, but the pelvic pain is already so bad. If any one has had this procedure with fibro how was the pain after? Any insight would be great ?
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I've had shoulder arthroscopy and did very well, no flaring afterwards. I had a d&c two months ago and no problem at all after that either. The general anesthesia didn't seem to have any effect on me regarding the fibro. When I've had colonoscopies in the past, no problem with sedation there either.

I stopped worrying about that aspect. Your doc will be giving you rx for pain or even may give something along with the anesthesia so you won't wake up in pain and immediate hours after the surgery. Sometimes toradol or some kind of antiinflamatory. Did your doctor tell you what his/her patients usually get?


Thanks allergic that really helps, Im not sure what the dr uses, but I do plan on asking the anesthesiologist for something for pain before they wake me up, I’ll def mention the toradol
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http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=9926 I had to look it up Dee, so thought I would post it.

I am no help, had a total pan when I was 23. Saved my life, but took me forever to get over, that was way before fibro, but I was full of adhesions, so that was a big factor.

What does the surgeon say about the fibro?

I am so sorry you have to go through this, but it must be necessary.Wishing you the best!

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Let them know you are a nurse, they should treat you with even more respect. BTW allergic is a nurse too!

Dee, I'm thinking that the pain you're experiencing from the problem you're currently experiencing will put you into a flare. So it might be wise to go ahead with the surgery anyway knowing that you're potentially averting a big flare from the illness. I hope it all goes smoothly and you recover nicely. Good luck!

SK & Petunia, thank you for your insight, I really appreciate it ! I know I have to do it, just scared about the fibro, seems I’ve been in a flare since the end of May, wonder if this is how it’s going to be or has everything I’ve been through ( one thing after another ) been just making it worse, I think when my brother died in June it had more of an effect on my fibro than I thought. Thank you for being there & caring !!! God bless !