Have you been really ichty? How do you make it stop?!

I have been so itchy lately. It seems like it is just getting worse. I've tried everything I can think of...lotions, bath wash that is high in moisturizers, itch cream. I even have a bad rash on my elbow that I've had for about 2 weeks now. And if I'm not itchy, it feels like a bug is crawling all over me but nothing is there. What do you guys do to help when you are itching and rashy??

i had the same thing once and i went to the dr and they said it was really bad allergies but they did have to give me steriods to make it stop. i have noticed that if i dont get enough sleep or like no sleep it seems like my skin is crawling its a horriable feeling and nothing but finally getting sleep helps. but i am thinking yours may b allergy related. i hope u get relief soon. good luck

Thanks. :) I just need to make sure I put it on my list for when I go see my rheumy again.

I always thought my sudden skin reaction was just me being sensitive but I see it may be related to fibro. What i have had to do is start buying only all cotten under garments. Victoria Secrets is the only place that sell cotton bras that fit and too darn pricey but it helps. I wash my clothes with detergent made for sensitive skin, I use only Cetaphil sensitive skin body wash or and most recent and afforable the mayo Clinic free & Clear body wash. It's scent less, clear and leaves me feeling clean and itch free. You can also get it on its own website..very cheap ($7 bucks a bottle vs Cetaphil $14 that lasts me a week or two). . .That has helped me tremendously!!! I don't itch much, I don't bathe in TOO hot water and if I do I don't shower too many times in one day (I used to shower A LOT in one day), I moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Body Cream (the 10oz jar ) I mix in coconut oil and BAM!!! Coconut oil has been my savior (just do not get the Dr. Bonner's kind, I suggest Spectrum brand, it's pure and natural, Bonners had fragrance in it), add it to my lotion and I am mositurized all day!!!

Hope any of this help you guys out!!

My allergist suggested Vanicreme products for this problem. They even sell soap and shampoo. I googled it just now and this site offers a trial pack for about $3.00. http://www.natlallergy.com

Also switch to the hypoallergenic laundry products.

Might want to see a dermatologist. It could be fibro but you never know! Try applying a product containing lidocaine to deaden your nerves a bit. Also remember if it’s on only one side of your body it could be shingles. I have had it multiple times and it’s something you have to get treated quickly or it may cause permanent nerve damage.
bactine works wonders - get the version with lidocaine. (I know it probably sounds strange but it helps)

Take care!

i guess i should have mentioned that ever since i have had fibro everything i use is scent free. laundry soap,body wash(i use alveno),lotion,deodorant,and i can only use certian shampoos. i also have allergy covers for all my pillows on my bed as well as my mattress. i had to switch to down altenative comforters. i take zertec and singulair ever night. the singulair is for my asthma too. it kinda sucks having everything scent free and dye free but the r more and more products out there. i like alveno for body wash,face wash,and lotion. but there r others out there for me it was the 1st product that worked so i stay with it. i think every laundry soap has a scent free dye free version. i get what ever one is on sale.

Hi I am very new here not sure weather I am writing in the right section or not but I do suffer from itchiness it usually effects me with heat I went to the doctor because one night I just could not stop itchy all over I ended up hoping into the bath to try and stop it The doctor gave me some steroid cream which I use when it happens .

I do feel ichty and have put it down to the meds I take ie Tramodol How evr when I have my bath I use epsom salts to relax my muscles and put 4 drops of lavender oil in this and for some reason I am not so ichty.

I've been having rash that started between my fingers and spread to my hands and arms and even face. My MD didn't know what it was but was afraid that I had scabies and gave me medical lotion to get rid of it. I googled the ingredients and found that it contains the same chemical found in Raid!

So I went to see a holistic doctor who performs applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and found that my lymph system is not functioning properly, so my body is trying to rid of toxins through my skin. He treated me with cold laser and detox foot bath and I was given some nutritional supplement power to drink everyday. He also adviced me to avoid gluten and sugar.

I also told the doctor about my crawling bug sensation - he found out that it's neurological and told me to wiggle my right fingers while I was being treated with a laser. Surprisingly, the sensation went away and I haven't had it since (it's been 2wks). My rash seems different now but it will definitely take time to heal.

Thanks for the responses. I'll definetly try the different laundry stuff.