I was wondering if anyone else suffers from itching. I seem to get bouts of the body wide itching, and nothing seems to help ease it. I have tried putting on lotion, using an anti-itch cream, taking benedryl and nothing helps. When I mention it to my doctors they just say it is dry skin, one even said try putting crisco on your skin. But I put lotion on all the time and I still itch. I have looked at the side effects of my medications and none have itching as a side effect. I do get itchy after taking Norco but I don't take that on a consistent basis and have itching spells when I haven't taken the Norco.

So, I was wondering if anyone else suffers from this and if they think it may or may not be part of their Fibro?

Hello there!

I to have an uncontrolable itch…on my back…left shoulder. I could scratch until the cows come home without any itch relief at all. I use Eucerein Calming Lotion and that helps a tiny bit. I also believe that it’s part of my small fiber neuropathy. I was dx about 2 mos ago but I knew that I already had it. My neuro confirmed my suspicions. I do notice that whenever my body is hurting that the itch seems to intensify. Try the Eucerin…you never know.


I have wondered if itching is part of fibro, too. I get very itchy feet and have burning feet as well. I talked to my endocrinologist as I thought this might be related to my diabetes, and she says no, probably a fibro thing. Of course I think some doctors do lump anything that they can't explain into the "must be fibro" category. I also get a very itchy back and lower legs. I use a OTC medicated cream on my feet and legs and give myself a massage there every night, it seems to help. I would be very interested in hearing what others might share about the itchiness. Great thread to start. I hope you can find some relief soon. Hugs to you!!!

hi LY. i have the same thing . i even went to an allergist and found that the narocotics and drugs in the benzodizapine famileis case the overwelmimg welts, hives/. i have been off narcs for over a year and still get some itchiness but no where the way it was. best of luck for your well being in this area...


I get an itchy scalp, back & back of legs, plus I get a feeling of an ant crawling over my body.

Ask your Dr if he/she can give you a Vitamin B shot. I get 1 every 3wks & it helps immensely!!!

My B levels are "within normal parameters", but my Neuro figured out I needed more than that.