Here we go again!

So last week I go in for my pain meds. Thy don’t test. Last year I was terrified thy would so I got a rx for that stuff that keeps even dig poo down. Anyways thy test and I didn’t take my pain meds bcuz I was getting over the flu. I thought thy were testing for protein in my urine. Today I get a nice letter that says I am fired. I am going to try to work it out bcuz the receptionist and nurse told me not to worry thy don’t test.

If ironing it out does not work I am terrified of the addict word or treatment. I want and need someone to treat Me gently. I have tried many many meds and many of them throw me into horrific flares. I want to stay on my routine as close as possible. Any suggestions on doctors that thy actually know will be passionately understanding. If you live locally I would be more than happy to meet you so you feel comfortable referring me. The Medicaid search for doctors might as well be like throwing a dart at the page. So many doctors don’t accept medicaid or they have retired. Any help is again appreciated. I apologize for being gone for so long. My computer was broken and then my phone died as far as the internet goes. I finally was able to upgrade.
Soft hugs and love. I know we are all fighting a tough battle.