Home made pancakes at 4:00 am anyone?

You bet! Nothing better than homemade pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup and real butter! I have been craving them, so my husband, who used to do the pancake feeds at the Lions club made me a batch or two the other day! UM, UM! Nothing better! Just pop them in the toaster while the syrup bottle is in hot water, and you have a fabulous meal anytime!

I know, I just had to tease you all just a little bit!

I am so so jealous.

He made home made funnel cakes about 6 months ago, they were fabulous, but I make home made French crepes, no wonder our 'skinny days' are over! Ha!

oh boy, you had to say funnel cake. Thats probably one of my favorite things ever next to lasagne and steak. I'm green with envy.

I'll bring the bacon!

They sound amazing... come and make me some lol... whilst you are at it bring me some wintergreen mints since they are not available here... I will give you some British groceries for you to have in payment :P xx

Those pancakes blew the blood tests I need to get, but they were so delicious, so we'll shoot for tomorrow, have to fast for it, so they can look at my liver and kidneys!

Crumpets, I LOVE them, and they are so hard to find here! UM, UM, GOOD! If I come across them I buy all they have and freeze them, to have them!

Lipton used to make a Blackberry tea, it was NOT the junk with the rose hips either, I made iced tea with it, and it was my favorite cold drink! I keep looking for it, am ever hopeful that I'll run across it again, but I think it's discontinued! Sigh!

I love any kind of mint, candy or tea, it's so strange that you cannot get them!

If I find any lipton blackcurrant when I am out and about I will send you a box of it :) Crumpets are nice with honey on them... We also have potato scones/cakes here which are weird but nice... (it is a Scottish thing) xx

No, no not black currant, Blackberry! I really should look online for it!

Not a big scone fan, they just never did it for me!

There was also a 'King Tut's Tea' that was discontinued decades ago, made by the Boston Tea Company if I remember correctly, it came in a beautiful can with who else but King Tut on it! It was made exactly the way they made it for the Pharaoh himself!

I love anything mint as well. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, Bigelow Plantation Mint tea, Bigelow Mint medley tea, Peppermint patties, Junior mints, doublemint gum, sweet mint gum. Those soft peppermint candy canes at Christmas time. Ohhhhhh, now I want something with mint in it.

Oh, and I'd like to try some potatoe scones.

I should be able to find it now!

Ill send some if I find any... not sure where it will be if I do though xx

I'm not sure what your customs say about things like that but I am happy to send some to you if you like? Mint is the best flavour in my opinion :) xx