Just had an awesome idea!

I have been thinking of how much I enjoy fall. The pumpkins and fall flowers on the front steps and chili in the crockpot. When I had this awesome idea. Since we all have days where we are so tired and need extra rest....maybe we could share our favorite crockpot receipes?

They are easy and allow us to still prepare dinner for our families with little energy! I will be posting one of my favorites soon!

Hugs to everyone for their help over the past week, Tina

I like this idea! I do have to admit I don't use my crockpot often so I don't have recipes...but this may be something I will give a shot, and then share with y'all when I find a good, easy one.


Tina that sounds great, I have been thinking about getting my crockpot out, I don’t really cook, but I have been really hungry for a good beef stew, you have inspired me to get it out ! I will be looking for everyone to post good things. I have a friend who uses her crockpot almost every day I will get a recipe from her to post

Tina, I think that's a great idea. I don't cook much anymore. As I live alone it's almost as cheap to eat out...........specially if you go to Subway as I do.

When I was working full time and raising my chidren as a single parent I used the crockpot specially to cook the cheaper meats like short ribs and button bones.

I would certainly love to read some recipes others post and you never know....it might just inspire me.

Thanks for your good idea Tina.

Gentle hugs


Rachel, I too dont cook alot. Its just my husband and I and we find its cheaper to eat out alot also. Subway is a staple at our house. Lol

I do use my crockpot some when the weather gets cold. I love to smell it cooking or have it done when I get home from work.

I have a great receipe for Old Fashioned Bean soup that I love because it freezes so well. That way you can freeze some for another easy meal. I'm all about easy these days. Lol

Hugs to you, Tina


I'll check to see if I have a good receipe for beef stew. That does sound good. I'm just trying to get back to work and sometimes when I get home i'm to tired to go back out to eat. I just want something quick and then rest!

So I thought maybe if I got my crockpot out I too would become inspired. Lol. Now lets see if it works!


Yes Tina, freezing for another day is a very good idea. I''d be interested in your recipe for Old Fashioned Bean Soup.

Yes, I like Subway because you can get lots of vegetables along with your meat and bread.

Gentle hugs



whats a crock pot?

I cook big lots of food (Bolognese, curry, chilli etc), and soups every 2 or 3 weeks and then freeze them, I find it really helps me in the evenings. I've got a good chilli recipe I make with stewing beef chunks, but it's only for special occasions, cost and time! normally I use mince, I'll hunt it out.


This is awesome. It takes about 5 minutes of prep and it is sooooooooo good.



A crock pot is also called a slow cooker. You just put everything in and it usually cooks between 8-10 hrs real slow. You can buy them pretty cheap. I dont like everything cooked in them but soup, stews and some meats are really good. Its perfect on days we need extra rest.

Hugs, Tina


Thank you for the reciepe! I will be trying it soon! I will be posting a receipe for Old fashioned bean soup that is also very good.

Hugs, Tina

Hi Tina,
Thanks for that, never heard of a crock pot but i have heard of a slow cooker.
I’ve always wanted one but never got round to it, but that would make my soups easier!
Adding it to my Xmas wish list, which is getting long lol
Happy cooking x