Crockpt Coca-cola Ribs......very good!

Ok here goes my first post for easy, need more time to rest food!

Crockpot Coca-cola Ribs

3 lbs boneless country-style ribs

1/2 tsp garlic salt

1/2 tsp crushed red pepper

1/2 can coca-cola

2/3 cup barbecue sauce

Cut ribs into serving size portions & place in crockpot. Season with garlic, salt and peper. Add coca-cola. Cover and cook on low for about 8 hrs or until tender.

During last 30 minutes of cook time, drain juice from ribs, then coat well with barbecue sauce.

This is a really good receipe for ribs. I dont cook alot but have a few crockpot receipes that are pretty good! Enjoy

This sounds fantastic! I think I'm foaming at the mouth! LOL! Thanks Tina!


I 'm now starving hungry and thinking about these delicious ribs and it’s only 11am lol
Ribs are one of my fav foods, adding the recipe to my book, thanks for the recipe

Thank Tina, I will try that for sure ! However I went to the store today & got all the good stuff for beefstew, I don’t have a formal recipe, but when I make it I’m going to write it down if it’s good I will post it, I even got all organic veggies, yum , to bad my son is a vegetarian he’s ganna miss out

Thanks Dee,

I will be watching for your post. I love beef stew too. I've never done it in the crock pot so I'm anxious to try it!

Hugs, Tina

I know, that is how I cook too Dee, throw it together. It is how I was taught, only time I really follow a recipe is when I bake, which is seldom, I would rather cook than bake for some reason. That said I don't even like to cook anymore, could care less.

I do try to always cook for the little ones when they come, and make pot roasts and stews more in the winter. I used to make gourmet soups, but it's so much standing that I don't get into it much anymore.

One of the favorites is to put chicken breasts in the crock pot, skinless with all fat removed, use better than bullion paste and cook them in the broth. Chunk the chicken, use corn starch to make a gravy add peas, carrots, sauteed sweet onions into the gravy. Serve over jasmine rice! Everyone loves it!

The better than bullion is expensive, but is just the best base you can use for anything, the beef and chicken are outstanding, don't buy the turkey or ham though.

Wow I've never heard of better than bullion. I'll have to look for that.

Thanks, Tina

Of course I spelt it wrong, it's about $5 a jar in the grocery store, and this is what it looks like!

Lol. So I'm not the only one who stays up all night.

Thanks SK

I'm gonna be hurting soon, have the great grandson, who is 2, he has been asleep for hours and will be up with the sun, ready to go outside and RIP around!

I have slept and slept lately which is good, I needed the catch-up sleep, but am going to be in trouble! He is such a sweet little guy, begs and bawls to come here! Glad to know someone is still captivated with me! LOL!!

He is sound asleep, in his little Sponge Bob PJs, still has a death grip in the newest toy motorcycle his Pap bought him! I wanted to take a picture, but was afraid the flash might scare him! He's gonna break hearts, has big blue eyes, long thick lashes and such a sunny disposition. Best natured child I have ever been around!

Oh Sk that is so sweet! There's nothing that can compare to grandchildren. We have four and they are the light of our lives.

Two boys 7 and 8, two girls 2 and 3. Each family has a boy and a girl and the boys love their baby sisters sooo much. Its sweet to see them together.

On another note. Do you drop things? I drop things all the time. I just dropped my laptop real hard......and I mean hard. The screen turned black and then died! I was planning my trip to Sony to pick up a replacement. OMG I drop 50 things a day...really. I'm not sure if it has to do with my neck or fibro. It has been happening for the last two years. I know when me hands hurt its worse but things just slip right out of my hands.

I was literally afraid of holding the last grandchild when she was born! Good grief will the nutty sypmtoms ever end. Lol Thank goodness it came back to life. After I stapped it back together. Lol