Horizontal Therapy

Has anyone tried Horizontal Therapy? My doctor suggested it and is checking to see if my insurance will pay for it. The pamphlet he gave me says it can deliver long term relief. That seems too good to be true!

Describe what it is as I have never heard of it before?

The way the pamphlet describes it is that it's a bioelctric therapy. They place electrodes on painful parts of your body (they'd have to cover my entire body from the neck down!) and send out electrical signals. I really don't know what that does. It says that it can provide immediate temporary relief and some people reported long term relief. It can strengthen muscle that have not been active.

Oh so like a tens unit in acupuncture style…sounds helpful. Tens units are always helpful and that’s electrical therapy…small amounts though…is be interested in knowing how that goes…

Hmmm. sounds maybe like the "Stim" machines they use at Physical Therapy? They place electrodes on the needed area, cover it with a cold compress, and then turn the machine up until you can actually feel the little "zaps". I wonder if it's the same?

Interesting idea -- although, the 20 minutes they've used to treat my ankles and such never seemed to do any good -- maybe this is on a grandeur scale. Let us know more if you find out !

Hugs !


Ahhh yes that’s what I had at the chiropractor after an accident…helped a little for me

My doctor said I would be able to do it twice weekly. I'm hoping my insurance will cover it. If they do, I will be sure to let everyone know if it works!