How is everyone doing?

Hey just checking on everyone hope you all are having a great weekend and a much better week!!! hugs

Thanks, Amberlyn, I'm getting by! How are you doing, my friend?

I'm having one of THOSE days. Had some shopping to do. Planned everything this morning. Checked to make sure I had my coupons before I went out the door. Started driving and realized I didn't have my cell phone. No big deal, so I didn't bother going back for it. Drove almost 20 miles. There was an accident on the highway and the 2 left lanes were closed, but I eventually got there. I'm in line at the first store, give the cashier the coupon, go to give her the credit card, and I can't find my wallet. Found the cell phone at the bottom of the purse - but no wallet. No credit cards. No more shopping for me. Luckily I had some cash in my purse so I could pay for the one purchase. Then the highway was still backed up so I took the back way home - past all of the other stores I had been planning to visit. Then of course there was a road closing on the back road, so I had to detour back onto the highway and around through more traffic. When I finally got home I found my wallet on the bed, so that's good.

Now I'm trying to muster the energy to go back out and try some other stores that are a little closer to home. I still have to do laundry tonight or . . . .wait, not or . . . I have an appointment downtown at 8:30 tomorrow morning, so I need to do it tonight. Ugh!

Thanks for letting me vent. Wish me luck shopping!

Good luck shopping… i vacuumed my bedroom… now i wanna hate the world…feels like my phone weights ten pounds

Thanks, I'm hangin in there, just waiting for the cooler weather to arrive. Soon, soon......



Wow that was one hell of a day! Well I hope tomorrow goes better for u! Hugs

Nooo I’m not ready for the cold!:frowning:

Im alive! Trying to get this knee to stop hurting me:(

When I say cooler, I mean70's 80's. I'm in triple digits right now in AZ. It never gets really cold here. I moved away from that type of weather thank goodness. Now I'm spoiled.

Oh okk lol

***Note to self: Next time you go shopping for boots, wear bootcut jeans - not one of the 2 pairs of pants you own that AREN'T bootcut. *** I spent a lot more money than I intended, but I got good, quality boots.

Had my test already this morning - went smoothly. Now I'm waiting for the plumber to show up. I might try to take a quick catnap - have to be to work at noon. Ick!

Hope everyone else is having a good day.

Not to bad, bit over tired,
How you doing?

Im okay tired and sore but whats new lol