It's been raining non-stop since yesterday evening - weird for AZ- and it always makes me so gloomy. Got maybe two hours sleep and didn't sleep well at that (gotta love PTSD =/). So, I've been reading and chillin' to music. Was finally able to come down/off the reliving terror train. Showered and thought I might get some sleep...and my lower back and hips start scream at me. Nothings helping at this point. I was all set to make the very best of today, to still have a good birthday...this pain may undo me though! I so don't handle lower back pain well - think it might be my Achilles' heel. =/ Part of me's pissed I might not be able to "make the most of today" to smile and enjoy the day despite all the pain (emotional and physical). And the other just wants to break down and cry!! I'll do my best, but I just don't know if I can smile through this pain - my seven-year-old will be so disappointed. She's been eager for days to make my birthday a great one! Can I just say OW from like all sides!!

I hope you start feeling better and can enjoy the day with your daughter. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday! Hope u enjoyed it

Jackie S.

Thanks everyone! My birthday turned out to be okay. =) Hope you're all having a good week!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Butterflydragon. Happy birthday to you… Now if I could just figure out how to paste a cake. :slight_smile:

Thank you!! =)

It is 4 days later from this orginal post. This storm is hitting us now on the east coast. I started feeling it this afternoon, every part of my body hurts. Went and crawled into my bed and turned my electric blanket on high. Feel asleep.

I felt really bad because I was supposed to be somewhere tonight with my husband and he had to go alone. :( He was nice about it, but I know he wanted me there with him.

I'm so sorry!! I hate those nights! Usually I'm the one that's upset I couldn't go - might be because I'm stuck in the house pretty much 24/7.

Still that sucks! Hope you get feeling better!! *Hugs*